“Development of censored Google search engine for China is still”

The plans of Google to the Chinese market with a censored version of its search engine to develop would have been shut down.

Developers no longer have access to data that Google through other search engines about the Chinese market information collected, reports news website The Intercept on Monday based on anonymous sources. The news site revealed its plans for the Chinese search engine, also known as Project Dragonfly, in August.

That happened after the privacy team at Google’s objection brought against the use of the data. It comes to data collected via, a web portal which searches through Google were gathered to the market.

The Intercept revealed the existence of the web portal a few days after the unveiling of the plans of Google. The privacy team at, that human rights are in Google products should ensure, it was only with the publication of the news site will be informed of the use of the data of

Discussion between privacy team at managers and project

According to the news site led to a fierce discussion between the privacy team at and the managers of Project Dragonfly. Developers of the search engine the data from then no longer allowed to use, which Project Dragonfly “in fact,” silent.

Google-developers to create since then using data from other sources, but that are allegedly not as accurate. Other staff from Project Dragonfly and taken to work on products for India, Indonesia, Russia, the Middle East and Brazil.

Google wanted The Intercept no response.

Director Google: ‘no current plans’

Google is since August under fire because of the plans for China. Among others, politicians, human rights organisations, and employees of the techgigant have raised objections to Project Dragonfly.

They point out that Google and the search engine must comply with the strict censorship of the Chinese Communist y.

Google manager Sundar Pichai had earlier in december to testify to a committee of the House of Representatives in the United States. There he declared that Google is “currently” no plans to the Chinese search engine can actually bring.

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