Dev Paton is going to marry new boyfriend

Dev Paton is going to marry new boyfriend

Dev Paton by her friend Ray Dekker proposed.

The 33-year-old singer says that the proposal “totally” saw coming. “But I have with all my heart said ‘yes’,” said Paton against Story.

The singer, currently for her sick daughter, Beautiful Hope, she tells them that for the first time, the feeling in her life that she is with someone old wants to be. “With this man I want to be old.”

“Ray is not a type that one with me. He is very clear and direct, but also very calm,” continues Paton about his character. “He dares me to tackle, something many people never dared to. He is goudeerlijk, which for me is a requirement.”

The winner of Idols 2006 taught Dekker know in the musical Hair. “We found each other instantly fun, and there flourished something between us.” But at that time he had a relationship. “So I immediately cut off. He had a wife and two small children, and I saw that not sit.”

Paton explains that they will know how it is when a man is adulterous. “I am ever the victim of a man who alelrlei friends on after loved. That I wanted a different woman not do.”

Lottery ticket

For the premiere of Hair left Dekker (38) Paton know his relationship to have broken, and “all the way for her to want to go”. “But as far as I was not yet,” she explains. “At Stage Entertainment I started asking around. Everyone was excited about him. It ended up that he was a lottery ticket.”

“After the performances he gave me faith to go home, and then we had to take my dog went for a stroll. But I took him never to take any. I must really be very sure of someone,” says Paton. “We were really soggy, while I normally detest. I kiss him, even where others stand.”

Patons daughter is Beautiful Hope had a blood clot in her lungs, and lay for a time in the intensive care unit. She had a double pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism, leaving her body in decline. After surgery snapped the ten-year-old baby. By the illness of her daughter Dekker and Paton had little time to enjoy their engagement. “But that feeling is slowly coming back.”

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