‘Detox has no effect on the toxic substances in your body’

“Spring cleaning is not only important for your house, but also for your body.” Big chance that this sentence might read somewhere. A (spring)detox should help to toxins in your body faster. What is where?

Some people do a sapkuur of a few weeks, go on detoxvakantie or drink detoxthee or drops; all of which is to their body to ‘detoxify’ and cleanse. Shops such as Holland & Barrett and good health (G&W) use the spring as an opportunity to detoxproducten prices. But you can body to truly detoxify with a detox?

According to Astrid Postma, an expert in nutrition and health at the Nutrition center, detox in all its forms have no influence on the ontgiftingsprocessen in the body. “The separation and clean-up is done through your kidneys and your liver. These organs are a natural filter and can ensure that the toxic substances from our body to leave.”

That detox is a myth, says Jennifer Haythe, a cardiologist with the American Columbia University, against the AD. Also help and krachttrainer Sander Cherry says on his website unequivocally that detox does not work: “It purifies only your wallet.”

The idea of detox attracts, says Postma: your body is as completely clean. “But this is purely something mentaals. You reset your mind, not your body. A sapkuur, for example, can help to fall off. But by drinking the juice or taking supplements, there are not more substances are broken down.”

Piling toxins

With toxic substances, for example heavy metals such as lead and dioxides referred to. These substances can be ingested via food, air or water. “These can accumulate in the body, such as in the fat tissue,” says Postma. “You hit them not just lose. But a detox does not help to speed up this process. The body has there own ingenious systems.”

In addition to the toxic chemicals, there are also waste products, old chemicals and waste from our cells. These are also by the body itself cleaned up, says Postma. The water-soluble waste disappear through the urine, from the body, the fat soluble substances through the feces.

A green smoothie, often called ” juice fasting. (Photo: Pixabay)

Preparations and herbs

At gezondheidswinkels products are sold to the accumulation of toxic substances. Chain G&W offers various treatments and detoxpreparaten, often on the basis of herbs.

According to Mirjam Training, business manager at two G&W-shops and advisor within the company, helping it to detoxify. “The body detoxifies itself, but we get so many toxins to process that the challenge for the body. Then it is good to give your body a helping hand.”

According to Postma, is that a wrong assumption. “The chance that you to many toxic substances through your food intake, it is small,” says Postma. “As much toxins we don’t get inside. There is here in the Netherlands, paying attention, through strict legal rules and by the Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority. And many substances by the body disposed of, even a part of the harmful substances by smoking.”

Training is absolutely certain: herbs to help detoxify the body. They’re referring to herbs as bitterspitje, the large burdock, milk thistle and dandelion. Scientific research that her theory supports, however, there is not. “There are no indications that there really is more dust in the plants, causing the liver would get better function,” says Postma.

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“Take good care of your organs’

It is more important and more useful for your organs to worry, says Postma. “That means above all: drink lots of water. That is the only thing you can do to help your body detoxify.” 1.5 litres of water per day is enough, including coffee and tea. To your bowels to help, plenty of fluids and fibre-rich food is also important. “Think of whole grain products, vegetables, fruit and legumes.” Furthermore, too much salt, obesity and alcohol have a negative effect on your liver.

“Detoxthee drink is not necessary,” adds Postma. “There is no evidence that detoxthee helps to break down any substance whatsoever.”

Detox appeals to me because it is attractive and simple; you have the idea that you have something good doing for your body. Postma: “It feels like a compensation for unhealthy behavior. But it is good to continue to tell that detox does not do what it promises: the detoxification of your body.”


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