Destiny 2 is possible also to pc

Destiny 2 is possible also to pc

Photo: Bungie

The sequel to the popular shooter Destiny may also be to the pc.

Reported that various sources on the gamersforum NeoGAF. A fixed user shared the information, that he is a reliable source from Activision says. Then confirmed sources of Kotaku rumors.

The first Destiny is never released on pc. Now the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are no longer supported, there may be more manpower available to also a pc version of the sequel.

Would continue to Destiny 2 the concept of the game quite a kick. A hub area like The Tower in part 1, would not be more in the sequel sitting. Would Bungie have the possibility to add for players to anywhere in the world to make contact with other players, such as in an MMO.

There would be more cities in the game sit and Bungie would make the game world more lively want to feel.


In addition, know a few sources to report that other gamestudio’s as High Moon and Vicarious Visions was asked to help out on the development of Destiny 2.

Finally, the way in which the story is told is also completely changed, with more focus on the Cabal and Saturn. Destiny 2 would characters from part 1 dropping, though it is not clear whether it comes to characters of players or important npc’s.

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