Destiny 2 comes with new skills, and Guided Games

Destiny 2 comes with new skills, and Guided Games

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In the sequel of the game Destiny players get a whole new set of skills.

That made developer Bungie Thursday announced during a presentation of the game. Destiny 2 is the successor of Destiny, a first-person shooter in which users with the to mankind must save it from destruction.

In Destiny 2 is the last safe city on earth in ruins and occupied by a new powerful enemy and his army, the Red Legion. Players create their own character, called a Guardian. Everyone starts again from scratch, since the progress and the characters from the first game will not be taken. Each player new skills and weapons to master, and eventually together to join forces and the city to recapture.

In the game there are all sorts of new skills and weapons that players can discover. So there is the Dawnblade, a sword that vuurprojectielen fire. The Arcstrider let the players and staff call that they are enemies around. As last there is the Sentinel: a shield that blocks attacks, but also to enemies to throw in a style reminiscent of marvel’s Captain America.

Players discover in the game, moreover, not only the earth, but also go to Titan, Nessus, and Io.


Destiny 2 comes with new abilities and cards

Guided Games

Bungie announced that Trials, Nightfalls, and raids to be available for all players through Guided Games. This allows clans and individual players challenges to perform. Individual players can make a clan choose to have a challenge to do, clans can have their group further complement to complete the mission.

Also, there is a new PvP-mode, called Countdown, was introduced. Have a team defend while the other team attacks. The challenge is played on an entirely new folder called Inverted Spire. The default mode called Crucible, is now in teams of four played.

Destiny 2 is available in september for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from 69,99 euro. The pc version is exclusive through Blizzards available. Social tools, such as chats, streaming to Facebook, gradients, through this platform, says Blizzard. Previously had only games from Blizzard themselves part of

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