“Despite the ceasefire, clashes have been reported in the north-East of Syria

Despite the united states and Turkey have agreed to cease-fire to 120 hours, there would still be fighting along the Turkish-Syrian border, in a show of eye-witnesses to The Guardian.

In the US, and Turkey to the locks on Thursday, an agreement with the Turkish invasion of the border region with Syria. It was the declaration of a cease-fire was contained.

A spokesman for the Kurdish armed forces, confirming that there is fighting in the area, and he says that the bombing took place. The Turkish president, Tayyip Recep Erdogan, denies, however, that there was evidence of “ongoing clashes”.

According to a Kurdish spokesman, and the eye-witnesses there were on-foot combat, takes place in the Syrian town of Ras al Ayn, which is one of the main targets of the Turkish military for the final offensive.

The Us vice-president Mike Pence and with the American minister for foreign affairs, Mike Pompeo was on Thursday for several hours in Ankara with president Erdogan, to talk to. It was then announced that there would be an agreement. In turkey, it would include a 120-hour long attacks in the border region.

The White House reacted Friday to the reports about the battle. A spokesman said that the observance of a cease-fire and “will take time”.

‘The UN is investigating the possible use of white phosphorus’

The inspectors of the united nations announced on Friday that it will investigate whether the Turkish forces, of white phosphorus have been used in an attack on the children of Syria, reports The Guardian.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said on Friday morning that the situation is in the know and find out more information about the possible use of chemical weapons. The Kurdish Red Cross reported that at least six hospitals included children’s burns do for injuries that are chemical in nature and can cause harm.

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“It’s almost five hundred deaths since the start of the ardennes offensive’

The Turkish offensive in the north-east of Syria, began on Wednesday, shortly after He had agreed to be the American troops out of that area. According to Pompeo gave to US, they do not have the green light for the invasion.

As of Wednesday, are almost five hundred of the persons in the accident, reported the Syrian Observatory for human Rights on Thursday. It is going to be 224 SDF militants, 184 are government aided the rebels, and 72 civilians. Because of the violence, approximately 200,000 residents of the area fled.

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