Despite leeftijdsverhoging remain young people drink

Despite leeftijdsverhoging remain young people drink

Despite the leeftijdsverhoging for alcohol consumption from 16 to 18 years of age to remain young people drink. 14% drink more than 20 glasses per weekend. It is also easier to alcohol to buy.

It reports the Trimbos Institute on the basis of research into the use of drugs among young people between 16 and 18 years old on the mbo and hbo.

The researchers call the outcome is alarming: “Despite all the attention the past few years for the adverse effects of alcohol consumption for young people in particular, is the drinking culture among Dutch youngsters, there is still a solid drink.”

Also evident from discussion with doctors, schools, and auditors that the use of alcohol among young people has not changed since the NIX18 campaign, young people under the age of 18 must be retained to consume alcohol.


According to Trimbos, 80% of the seventeen-year-old hbo’ers in the past month drunk. This is significantly higher than their peers in vocational education (61 percent) and secondary education (65 percent).

In girls and boys is a a difference. 21 percent of boys drinking in the weekend, more than 20 glasses of alcohol, among girls this number is 7 percent.


Young people with alcohol poisoning in the emergency are up to, be referred to the Alcoholpoli. According to a spokesperson of the Alcoholpoli is the cause of the excessive drinking of young people, especially with the parents.

“Parents find it difficult to their children from the age of 16 to prohibit to drink. In fact, she buy the poison for their children and provide the. They do that under the motto: then I still have a little vision.”

State secretary Martin van Rijn says that the parents of the conversation should engage with their children about alcohol, smoking and drugs.

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