Despite dealing with Freddie Gray case, Baltimore state’s attorney wins the primary in the direction of 2. Semester

Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby, right, holds a press conference in the vicinity of the place where Freddie gray was arrested after her office, dropped the remaining charges against three Baltimore police officers in anticipation of the process, in gray’s death, in Baltimore, Wednesday, 27. July of 2016.

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Baltimore’s top Prosecutor won their Democratic primaries Tuesday, assured her of a second term, despite criticism over what critics say was their screwed-up in 2015, the prosecution of six police officers in the death of a black man by the name of Freddie Gray.

The win effectively hands the job of state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby, the city is dominated by the Democratic party, and no Republican filed to run against her.

Mosby, 38, had to fight concerns about your handling of the prosecution of six police officers who died in the fees faced to grey, 25, 19. April 2015, a week after suffering a spinal cord injury during transportation in a police vehicle after his arrest for possession, which was said to be an illegal knife.

The death of Gray sparked civil unrest and protests because many members of the community believed that rough treatment by the police had contributed to his death.

Mosby quickly explained, that the officers, the hurried grey transported to face charges, prompting critics to claim that they had, the fees, in part to the suppression of the riots.

Ultimately, none of the six was sentenced, leading some to wonder whether the tough Prosecutor, with only months on the job, had enough experience in dealing with this high-profile case.

This year, the primary campaign, Mosby vocal about their leading role in the Gray case, to not condemn although you will be able to and every one of the charged police officers distrust — to gather support in areas, where the inhabitants of the police.

In January, five of the six police officers pursued unsuccessfully by Mosby – Lieutenant Brian Rice, Sgt. Alicia White, and officers Edward Nero, Garrett Miller, and William Porter – a lawsuit in civil court against Mosby for malicious prosecution.

“To be honest, after she had my voice, if you loaded those, the police. No one is above the law, and if they threatened you, it gave me the feeling, more of our citizens.”

– A Baltimore-based

It is not argued that the Prosecutor have the evidence, and calculated to make it easier for them only in the context of the offer, the riots, the Baltimore Sun reported. The suit was blocked, the court May by a Federal appeals.

Still, Baltimore’s residents, the overwhelming support, Mosby expressed about their role in the case.

“To be honest, after she had my voice, if you loaded those, the police. No one is above the law, and as you bid them, it has me craving more of a citizens,” a resident said.

“If the Baltimore city police do not like her for the charge of your officers, then definitely my candidate,” another voter said.

Mosby beat two other Democratic challengers, Ivan Bates and Thiru Vignarajah. Both handles Mosby for your actual data set and the question of your decisions during the 2015 events. The two also pointed out that the rate of homicides in the city increasing under her watch.

But, countered the criticism, saying her office had a high crime conviction rate – 92 percent – and that its prosecutors went after the violent criminals.

It is expected that Mosby ‘ s main challenge, while the second term is the response to rising homicide rate in the city during the repair of the relationship with the city police.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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