Desperation Dieting and Fat Burning Facts

Have you ever noticed that practically everybody in the world is an expert on the subject of fat burning ?  Yet, how can this be if 80% of U.S. adults are obese even after dieting for years and are on countless diet to lose weight.  The fact of the matter is that the average dieter does not even know there is a difference between fat burning and losing weight.  This well known fact however does not seem to stop dieters from considering themselves dieting experts.

Let us assume that everyone “is” an expert on the subject of fat burning .  Then why also is it that more than 99% of all dieters fail to achieve their dieting and exercise goals.  As stated above, because dieters do not know that there is a difference between fat burning and losing weight .  But again, dieters consider themselves experts at dieting  and exercise and cannot be told anything different. 

You see, Fat burning is a result of losing pure body fat tissue with no loss of water weight or muscle tissue. Losing weight is  caused by starvation dieting and is a result of a loss of water weight and muscle tissue with limited to no fat loss .  Why then do these experts talk about weight loss or losing weight when weight loss has nothing to do with weight?  Generally speaking people do not like to admit they do not understand subjects that they feel everybody else does know about including the subject of dieting, thereby choosing to live with the ignorance instead of admitting a lack of knowledge.

But do dieters with a lack of weight loss knowledge see things in this way?  Of course not, even people who have been dieting for 40 years with failure after failure “believe” they have all the answers and do not need the help of others.  This human arrogance and inability to see things for what they truly are will never allow such people to achieve true weight loss results.  Think about it this way for a moment, if you know everything about dieting and exercise then you should be in shape or at least you should not be on-line looking for diet information because you already possess it, right?

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