Designer Mart Visser does not want to pick more carry

Designer Mart Visser does not want to pick more carry

Fashion designer Mart Visser says prefer casual dress, and hardly a suit to wear.

He “has simply no meaning anymore,” says the couturier in an interview with The Volkskrant. “I will dress me so different than before. At most, two times a year a pack. I don’t do it more.”

The suit is for someone “who he was and now no longer is”. ‘”It fits in with the trend of vercasualisering. (…) I myself have that image placed of the neat designer with Tom Ford look. Very nice, tight in the suit, a narrow tie.”

The 49-year-old designer says he is always occupied with what others think of him. “How I happened, what I can and can’t say. That is the way.”


Fisherman dressed stars including Chantal Janzen, Simone Kleinsma and Eve home cooked apple pie, but queen Maxima does not belong to this row. He thinks that a dress or other garment for her, “the holy grail fashion statement.”

“I think that was something of the older generation, who are all very proud as she, Beatrix, Irene or Margaret were allowed to dress. Máxima choose what she wants, and she is a beautiful figurehead, but for me not a measure for if I do my job well to do.”

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