Desi Bouterse was convicted, end of the controversial military career

Suriname’s president Desi Bouterse was on Friday found guilty for his part in the December murders. This is for the 74-year-old Bouterse put an end to a trial which on the 8th of december 1982, started. From the dictator to the president and to the condemned criminal: who is the controversial leader of the Suriname?

Desi Bouterse (13 October 1945) was born and raised in Suriname, and received his military training in the Netherlands. Just in front of the Suriname’s independence on 25 november 1975, he, along with his new family back to his native land, and was there to help with the building of the National Army of the country. In the 1980’s led Desi Bouterse, now a sergeant, and was chairman of the military trade union, Bomika, a coup d’etat, and was, as a commander, is the de facto leader of the country.

December murders

In the wake of the coup, it was the poor economic situation, but also the military could be the economic situation does not turn around, but the corruption, cronyism and cocaine trafficking by the military officers did so, the image of the authoritarian regime, not a right.

The MRI took its turn to censorship, gebreidelde the freedom of the press, banning political parties and taking, torture and executions of people found guilty have made it to the disturbance of the public order and undermining the security of the state.

The repressive policies culminated in what became known as the December murders, it is going to be called. Fifteen opponents of the military regime, on the night of 7 on 8 december 1982 and tortured and executed at Fort Zeelandia, the headquarters of Bouterse. It went on to be lawyers, journalists, and military personnel, who were linked to a previous coup against Bouterse. The witnesses stated that the victims first, with Bouterse were taken before they were executed by firing-squad.

In a statement the same evening, at the Surinam television allowed Bouterse to know that it is a new couppoging is in vain that christmas eve was to take place, in co-operation with American CIA agents. After you read the text of Bouterse was a clip shown of a journalist, Jozef Slagveer, one of the fallen men, who, with a bloody head and said that there was, indeed, a couppoging schedule.

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Bouterse denied involvement

Bouterse always denied to have anything to do with the December murders. On the 10th of december, he left on the television, read statement, namely, that the defendants, during the transport of an attempt to escape did so, and then aimed shot. A report issued by the Dutch Lawyers Committee for human Rights (NJCM), is that three days later they came out and told us that the bodies of almost all the tracks carried by assault.

The next of kin of the victims and, in 1983, to the United Nations on board. A un special rapporteur concluded in 1984 that there is a “summary or arbitrary executions had taken place”.

Bouterse as president of the

After the December killings and have turned many of the countries, the funding tap is closed, which is the largest investor, the Netherlands, and our country is one of isolation that came out of it. Due to the financial and economic crisis, and a civil war started by his former bodyguard Ronnie Brunswijk, it was decided Bouterse, in 1987, to a meeting with the political parties. He was called up for the first time since the military coup, democratic elections, and did so himself as the leader of the National Democratic y (NDP).

The rage of the people brought Bouterse and his NDP three seats. Four years later, in 1991, had grown his influence in the parliament, with 12 seats. His influence continued to grow, and in 2010, won the NDP, in conjunction with the five fellow party – Mega Combination 23 seats. Desi Bouterse, was next, with 36 of the 51 votes in the National Assemblèe elected as the president of this country, a position which he still holds.

Case study

At the end of 2000, just prior to the murders, would be time-barred, it was decided to make a legal research, however, up to 2007, the last before the witnesses are called. In that same year, Desi Bouterse, his apologies for the December murders. He then suggested that he was not present in Fort Zeelandia during the executions, and that he is just a political responsibility.

Of interest is the statement of two eye-witnesses, a military officer who, on the eighth of december, the watch was in Fort Zeelandia, a military man who, in his own words himself, even had shot at the victim. She said that Bouterse is indeed present, and in his own right-has taken place.

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The court martial was on november 30, 2007 and commenced with the trial against 25 defendants, all of whom Desi Bouterse as the prime suspect, it is. Since then Bouterse with all his might, tried to get under the persecution to come. He never showed up in court, and his lawyers sought on various aspects of the process in order to traineren.

He Bouterse politically by the authorities in respect of the December murders to come. In 2012, he pushed a controversial amnesty bill by the Surinamese parliament. The Suriname Court of Justice ruled on december 1, 2015, is the fact that the suspects of the December murders still continued to be made. In 2016, the court martial, that the amnesty law was invalid.

On the 28th of June, 2017, was made by the public prosecutor’s office to twenty years in prison required against the main suspect Bouterse. On november 29, 2019 and has Bouterse, who is twenty years of imprisonment from that point, he can do so, the court of appeal.

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