Dermatologist: ‘Burn of skin rubbing aftersun is not a sentence’

What if you don’t have to put up with sun lotion, and your skin burned by the sun? The use of aftersun over it! Eight questions to ask dermatologist, dr. Jorrit Terra.

What is the aftersun, anyway?

Terra: “Aftersun is often a product with good ingredients. In most cases, there is the bottle of it’s skin care or even repairing it after the burning of the sun.”

What are the damage goes to the skin, exactly at the sun?

“Let’s go in the first place, that the sun is healthy for us. But too much exposure to uv radiation to give a DNA-damage. To some degree, restore the skin damage. But beyond a certain point, the damage is irreversible. It is this damage to the risk of developing skin cancer significantly increases.”

“Aftersun, the DNA-damage repair, but that could be lighting, could provide for the drying out of the skin”
Artistic Terra-cotta, a dermatologist

“In addition, at the DNA level of the skin at the level of cells damage when over-exposure to the sun. You can see where the skin is red in color. There is the so-called free radicals in the body, which ontstekingseiwitten to be released. The body will be overheated. You can even be feverish or a fever to feel it.”

It helps aftersun-do about this?

“It is up to the ingredients that are in it. The DNA damage can not be repaired, but it would be basically the lights can dry out the skin.”

In the idea?

“The problem with a lot of aftersuns that they don’t do what they promised they would. They say that they are in the skin, soothe it, or repair it, but often do not have the right ingredients. A lot of aftersuns are water-based, and can contain, in addition to preservatives.”

A day at the beach, it dries the skin out of the sun. (Photo: Earn-Vafi)

However, water-based, it is still right on the money? These creams to work, yet still moisturizing the skin?

“No, no. We believe in the notion of ‘moisturizing effect’ at ‘hydrating’, but it is a cream is water-based it does not bring moisture in the skin. On the contrary, it is evaporated relatively quickly on the skin. The water in the cream can dry the skin even more. Moisturizing the skin does not have moisturising properties, but the ‘moisture repair’. This is what the skin needs to rest.”

How do you restore the moisture balance in the skin?

“You can change the moisture balance in the skin, but to restore the natural barrier to improvement. The skin forms a barrier between the body and the outside world. That is, for a large proportion of proteins, fats, and oils. As the skin dries out out through the sunshine, you can supplement it with a greasy ointment or cream.”

“The use of a vetcrème, preferably one without fragrance”
Artistic Terra-cotta, a dermatologist

“As a greasy ointment to the skin often closes, causing the heat of the body, not from a can, I would recommend people to vetcrème to use it. That is lower in fat than a cream, but it is more than just a cream. You can find vetcrèmes at the drug store or pharmacy. Please choose the prefer one without a scent.”

Why is it important?

“The perfume, the red, puffy, irritated skin and further irritation. This is a disadvantage of using a lot of aftersuns. That will include not only the perfume also, substances like alcohol and menthol. They will give you a cooling effect. However, if you have the substances with which it is irritated skin and coat, is to the point of irritation is often bigger and bigger. In the skin, which quickly burns up, it is often even more sensitive to these substances.”

“The most aftersuns to respond to our needs in the process of calming and cooling effect, but will discharge his promise in the”
Artistic Terra-cotta, a dermatologist

Aftersun is of no use is it?

“I can keep anyone from using it, but I don’t think it has much effect. It is an important part of marketing. For example, I’ve never seen a red bottle on the shelf, as seen. Aftersun is always either blue or mint green. It is in your needs to be a process of calming and cooling effect. But the promise to find the most aftersuns are not in it.”

It is also often the benefits of aloe vera in the aftersun. Does nothing to to with the sun-tanned skin?

“Well, that is, in a Thai study. It turned out that it made no difference, as compared to a placebo. Also, do not to prevent sun damage.”

“The best way to cure the skin and to protect it from damage, it is very good and is usually enough to smear it with sunscreen lotion, and at just the right moment in the shade of a challenge. The sun has been in the last few years, the strength is increased. With the sunshine, 7, or 8 will you all within the next ten to fifteen minutes. Have fun in the sun, but it is a good idea.”

Dr. Artistic Terra is a dermatologist affiliated with the Isala Has a Centre in Zwolle, the netherlands.

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