Der Spiegel gives recording interview free after complaints of Morrissey

The German magazine Der Spiegel took a moment ago a controversial interview of Morrissey. The appearance of the words pleased the British artist, appeared earlier this week. Now, Der Spiegel, the full tape was put online.

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The action of Der Spiegel comes after a Facebookstatement by Morrissey, in which he complained about the written representation of the interview that he had a few weeks ago the German magazine gave. “Because [the people of Der Spiegel] of the beautiful Berlin to the beautiful Los Angelas flew to come and talk and laugh, I thought we understood each other. However, I would be Donald Trump murder? No, never. […] Would I ever abuse support? No, never. […] Would Der Speigel [sic] my vision displaying correctly? No, never. Will I ever speak with the written press? No, never.’

In the interview, which in Dutch translation in Knack Focus appeared, inter alia, that he, if there is a button for Donald Trump to kill him, he would instantly press, ‘to protect mankind’.

Also on the case ofKevin Spacey , who is accused of an actor to have abused in his teens, he made controversial statements. ‘As far as I know, he was with a fourteen-year-old in a bedroom. Spacey was 26. Then you ask yourself where the parents of that little boy uithingen. You ask you also if this boy really did not know what could happen.’


‘If you are in the world of music nothing have to say, your brain has a mental ijsvlakte and aimless songs eyes of a dead fish, then it is still your position at the top onbevraagd.’


On Facebook said Morrissey also that Der Spiegel has refused to allow the full, unedited recording of the interview to him.

The magazine now has the full audio tape posted online. Therein says the interviewer, inter alia, that the singer is no political questions need to be answer if he doesn’t want that. After he has said that Donald Trump is a danger for the social security, she asks: ‘If there is a button that you can press, after which [Trump] agriculture, you would print?’ “I would do it, for the safety of the human race’, he replies. ‘It has nothing to do with his personal opinion about his face, his life, or his family. But in the interest of the human race, I would do it,yes.’

Listen to the full audio tape here. Read the Dutch version of the controversial interview here.

Posted by Morrissey Official on Monday 11 december 2017

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