Depression vs. burnout: What are the differences?

The characteristics of a burn-out partly overlap with those of depression. That makes for confusion, after all, these are really two different things. How about that? And is this confusion a problem?

You have very little energy and see it all as bad, with adverse feelings as a result. Both people with depression as a burn-out experienced this. Therefore, it is sometimes misdiagnosed. But they are indeed different things, explains burn-outcoach Marcel Rijntjes.

Someone with a burn-out has an overloaded stresssysteem. The person would like to do a lot, but does not have the energy for. “At the moment there is little visibility on improvement of the situation, this can trigger feelings of depression lead,” says Rijntjes. That can take care of that general practitioner antidepressant prescribing, while there is a burn-out.

High demands in the workplace

More and more Dutch people say themselves rushed to feel at work, according to figures from the TNO research institute. Almost 40 percent said in 2017 that their work “often” or “always” to high demands. The number of employees that burn-outklachten experience in 2007 was 11 percent and in 2017 to 16 percent.

“With a depression can a person’s life voorspoeding expired, but there is still a bad feeling”
Robert Haringsma, psychologist

The biggest difference between the two is that burnout is often caused by work-related issues, explains psychologist Robert Haringsma. “There Is, for example, the existence of a labor dispute and that the cause of the symptoms, than do you think soon to a burn-out. In case of a depression can a person’s life, sometimes very smoothly, but there is still a bad feeling that would have a negative effect.”

‘Nothing to do with some stress

However, there are also other reasons why people in a burn-out may end. Think of family carers or people with too much hay on their fork. By complaints made with overload and stress, people can do their daily activities no longer run. If those complaints months linger, and there is an exhausted and tired feeling, then there is a burn-out, said

Who a burn-out, and that depressed feeling of trying to fight and find it pointless, feels often worse, said burn-outcoach Rijntjes. The only solution is to take rest, so that the stresssysteem can recover. “But doing nothing makes some for stress. You put you whole life on pause.”

Difference between depression and burn-out; someone with a burn-out wants to do everything, but has there not have the energy for. (Photo: 123RF)

Less of things to enjoy

A burn-out is reversible, a depression may come back. This happens at 35 to 65 percent of the people who previously had a depression, thus

It is often advised to take the advice that are given during the treatment, to continue monitoring to prevent relapse. At the end of the treatment, a terugvalpreventieplan made. There are also tips about how complaints or a decline can be detected.

Almost 20 percent of the adults in our country get ever with depressive feelings, according to figures from the Trimbos Institute. In total, an estimated nearly 800,000 young people and adults have a mood disorder.

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Syndromes overlap

According to psychologist Haringsma is the confusion between the two, because the described symptoms in both depression when burn-out is not very clear, and they have a lot of overlap. But is that confusion is a problem, ask Haringsma. “Ultimately it’s the desired result, namely, that the symptoms may be reduced.”

“Depression or burn-out: ultimately it is that the symptoms may be reduced,”
Robert Haringsma, psychologist

Is someone with depression or burn-out at the psychologist, then, will be there in both cases as soon as possible tried to give someone something to take, thus Haringsma. At burn-outs, this will be faster in the workplace, depression may be something in the private sphere, such as a walk.

No fee for burn-outbehandeling

Rijntjes see that people with a burn-out often between shore and ship fall to the treatment. The health care provider should the treatment no longer compensate since the burn-out is no longer in the DSM5, the manual in which mental disorders are classified.

People with a burn-out should therefore search for assistance and also to pay yourself. An employer can play a role in this, but that’s tricky for freelancers.

Thuisarts.en prescribes three stages in the recovery of a burn-out:

  • Accept that you are overwrought, and bring peace
  • Put the causes in a row and think of matching solutions
  • Perform the suggested solutions from

Other diagnosis to get help

“A doctor or patient can then choose to for the diagnosis ‘depression’ to choose, to get help,” says Rijntjes. But that also has disadvantages. “Antidepressants, is a heavy drug, and it also helps often not in a burn-out.”

In addition, a diagnosis of depression also have an impact on other areas, for example, think of renewing your driver’s license. People with depression are judged on their ability. There is a doctor involved.

Who is suspected of a burn-out, can with your doctor or mental health supporter. There is checked if the need is to go to a psychologist. The occupational physician can also play a role, and think about how the situation on the work smoothly. There are suspicions of depression, then seek contact with the general practitioner or mental health supporter.

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