“Depression around birth affects fathers’

“Depression around birth affects fathers’

In addition to expectant mothers also fathers suffer from a pre – and post-natal depression. One in 25 men would, according to the researchers symptoms of postpartum depression symptoms.

One in fifty of them would suffer from symptoms that are associated with prenatal depression.

For the study, which was published in JAMA Psychiatry, were 3.523 New Zealand men studied that the wife or girlfriend are in the third trimester of pregnancy was. Nine months after the birth of the child and the men were re-examined.

The chance of a pre-natal depression according to the researchers, which increases when the father is faced with stress or poor health. Men who after the birth of their child is suffering from depressive symptoms appeared often to social or relationship problems to have.

Also men who already had a depression had, or were unemployed, were found to be at increased risk of postpartum depression. The study showed that men especially suffer from prenatal depression, while earlier research among women shows that postpartum depression just more common.


According to researcher Lisa Underwoord is nowadays quite a lot of attention given to postpartum depression in women, but over men, little is known. “We are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that fathers have on the psychosocial and cognitive development of their children,” she says.

“As a depression in the father a direct and indirect effect it can have on the children, it is important that we have this timely recognize and treat. And that starts with a bit of awareness of the risk factors.”

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