‘Departure Greener is a great loss for Dutch handball’


‘Departure Greener is a great loss for Dutch handball’

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Technical director Sjors Röttger of the Dutch Handbalverbond (NHV) realizes that the successor of coach Henk Groener to a very difficult task to do better with the Oranjevrouwen.

“The departure of Henk is a big loss for the Dutch handball,” says Röttger in conversation with “It is not for nothing that Henk has been almost eight years coach. That indicates that we are very satisfied about him were and are.”

The 55-year-old Greener was Sunday, announced that he after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS end of this year farewell will take as a coach, because he is ready for a new challenge. The former international was since the beginning of 2009 responsible for the handbalsters.

Greener led the Orange in recent years to the world summit, with the silver at the end of last year at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Denmark as the highlight. In August ended the Oranjevrouwen in Rio de Janeiro at their olympic debut in an impressive fourth place.

“Henk has always been very well thought-out guidance to the team, from a well-thought-out vision,” says Röttger, the predecessor of Greening as national coach of the handbalsters.

“He is Orange step by step to the top of the world guided and that is quite a lot. He has done a great job and really made history.”

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Röttger therefore, that the successor of Greener it is hard to get to follow in the footsteps of the Arnhemmer to act. The technical director has, however, confident that the bond of a suitable candidate will be found.

“We still have no one on the eye, but this team is loved. Not only in the Netherlands but also internationally. We will soon be in Dutch and in English, post a job, because we are also open for a foreign coach. I expect a lot of applications within will get.”

According to Röttger will be the new coach build on the successful line which is Greener the last few years has been used.

“The successor of Henk will be according to our principles will continue. We stand as a bond for continuity and good leadership and we have a clear vision about how we want to handball. Our house stands.”

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