Department of Defense US: no troops withdrawn from Syria

The United States have, so far, no troops withdrawn from Syria, the ministry of Defense Friday night in a statement.

“We have a number of logistical measures are taken to ensure an orderly withdrawal support”, let the ministry know.

According to a spokesman for security reasons it is not disclosed when and how the withdrawal will take place. “But we confirm that so far no military personnel from Syria was transferred.”

Friday, said colonel Sean Ryan, spokesman of the US-led coalition in the fight against the Islamic State, that the armed forces had commenced to retreat from the north and east of Syria. More he said not. Thus, it was not yet clear whether the withdrawn troops or equipment went

Trump announced the departure of troops in december to

In Syria sit some two thousand American soldiers. The armed forces have in recent years used for operations of special units against IS, the support of fighters with whom the U.S. cooperates and performing air strikes on IS-targets.

In december last year, president Donald Trump, he’s the American military out of Syria would withdraw. That decision led an international stir.

The U.s. government later became known, however, first of Turkey the guarantee to want to get to be the country’s Koerische fighters will not attack. The against IS fighting Kurds are allies of the US.

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