Dennis Weening: “I knew that departure was possible’

Dennis Weening was ten years old and working for RTL 5 and presented a seven year long Expedition Robinson. Now his contract has not been renewed, the presenter ahead: “Everyone is healthy, I can do what I want.”

“I have had this prefer to my whole life want to do, but the support you get from people on the street and in the pub has me invigorated,” says Weening in conversation with

“It was a hard lesson, but I am going to divert. I had all that time, so many ideas and this ensures that I now really really hard to get to work, go”, says the presenter.

“Everything and everyone is healthy, I can do whatever I want and have very much energy. I don’t want to linger in that Robinson story.”


In the car with Dennis Weening: “I got even if I did nothing thick salary’

“I thought me not rich’

The 41-year-old Weening was told that his contract would not be extended, before its final season as the host of Expedition Robinson had yet to start.

“Because Expedition Robinson so successful, don’t you think that your contract is not renewed. It’s going pretty well, the ratings are better every year, so you think: never change a winning team.”

When Weening finally got to hear that he was not allowed in, he was surprised. But that surprise was soon replaced with a feeling of acceptance.

“Listen, I calculated me not rich. I knew that this moment would always be able to come. I have gekkere see things happen in television. When I look at my stable at RTL 5; the contract of Nikkie Plessen was not renewed and now it is for all kinds of things asked. Rick Brandsteder had to leave, but now sits at Boulevard. It is a very capricious business.”

“I have nothing to Hilversum bullshit’

Despite the big disappointment pulls Weening it is not personal. “Maybe it’s because I Dude and very down to earth am. When I present began, knew everyone around me, just to tell you how I had to do it and how successful it would be. But I would never be successful or famous to be! That is never my intention. I found the presentation fun and I was like cool places,” says Weening.

“It was also been easier to go directly to Hilversum to move, but that I wanted to never, because nothing I can with that Hilversum bullshit. People never get the back of their tongue. I had no sense in it. Therefore, I’m think I’m very down-to-earth remained.”

Weening is in the new year as the host of Ink Master to see. In addition, he works together with Pepijn Avenues of The Youth of Today to a own talk show. “A kind of Veronica Inside, but for nerds.”

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