Denmark turns defending champion Germany EK

Denmark turns defending champion Germany EK

Eight times European champion Germany on Sunday, off in the quarterfinals of the european CHAMPIONSHIP for women. The defending champion was in Rotterdam with 2-1 down against Denmark.

The openingsdoelpunt was already in the third minute created by Isabel Kerschowski, helped by the blunderende doelvrouw of Denmark. Shortly after peace was signed Nadia Nadim for the Danish final. Seven minutes before time, said Theresa Nielsen the winning hit.

The contest would actually be Saturday night be played, but because of heavy rain in Rotterdam was the duel a day delayed.

Denmark plays Thursday in the semi-final against the winner of the duel between Austria and Spain. That match is Sunday at 18.00 hours played.

Orange, in the group stage with 1-0 too strong for Denmark, came yesterday with a 2-0 to win Sweden as a first for the semi-finals. Therein awaits France or England. Which teams will play Sunday at 20.45 hours against each other.

Quarterfinals european CHAMPIONSHIP women

Germany came in 1-0 after a blunder of keepster Petersen.


Nadim is the headline in the 1-1 Denmark.

y after the Danish final.

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Germany had a droomstart on The Castle. Full Isabel Kerschowski shot from twenty metres right on the target. The Danish doelvrouw Stina Lykke Petersen tried the ball over the crossbar to tap, but failed miserably making it harmless shot just to score a goal resulted.

Denmark was just as excited after that false start, but pulled up in the course of the first half the initiative. Defending champion Germany was still further reduced by the triple semi-finalist. The best chance was for Katrine Veje, but they shot with the inside foot right into the hands of the German keepster Almuth Schult.

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Shortly after peace was deserved equalizer. After a violation in the sidelines, the referee advantage of Stine Larsen. Because two German verdedigsters because of the vlagsignaal of the linesman stopped play, had Larsen all the time and space to good man, that excellent were binnengekopt by Nadim: 1-1.

Germany escaped a moment later, when Veje for an empty goal from four yards overschoot. The Danish aanvoerster Pernille Harder has played in the following attack the ball to far in front of them when they are alone on the keeper could be removed.

Also Germany got some great opportunities, but the winning hit fell on the other side. The note came right back Nielsen headed home a cross from substitute Frederikke Thörgensen within.

Despite the final offensive which also doelvrouw Schult to the front went passed Germany to the equalizer to force the issue. This will provide Europe for the first time since 1993 a new champion.

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