Denimmerk Levi’s think to the future

Through an ambitious new campaign denimmerk Levi’s to see that they are able to think ahead without their past to be forgotten. The campaign “This is a pair of Levi’s” embraces, inter alia, a movie, and a more refined high.

Today, it is important not only what your sales are; also the story behind your brand should be consistent. Customers are, after all, many have become more critical and want to self-identify in your brand to tell. Levi’s will play perfectly.

Resolute rivulet

For a while, let Levi’s under the title Go Forth to see that they are able to think ahead without their past to be forgotten. Also this year, the brand more than once, with emphasis on the young, ambitious men and women who make this world to be inhabited. Every morning, the dress she is; full of dreams and plans, determination of their lives and make the world a better place. Levi’s wants them to believe in themselves and in the clothes they wear. One of the taglines is “Tailored for the Young and Hungry”.

“We want to not just denim produce; we want to design clothing that inspires millions of people and gives the power to realize their dream to life,” says Mary Alderete of Levi’s. “The underlying thought must be: I wear Levi’s, so anything is possible.”

This is a pair of Levi’s

If original denimmerk, founded in 1873 by Levi Strauss, who had Levi’s already has a pretty strong brand experience, but the new campaign “This is a pair of Levi’s” go many steps further. The red wire behind the campaign is clear through a film, directed by Lance Acord, in which we see people preparing for the day to tackle, while all the time the mantra, “you are going to be great!” repeat. They are ready to bring their dream to pursue, or just the hordes of everyday life to take and do that in Levi’s, because the brand them the strength and at the same time, comfort gives.

With a well fitting jeans, you can never do wrong, and depending on the styling is suitable for any situation; whether it’s a first gig with your band, your driving licence needs to pick up after the summer break for the class. After more than one hundred and thirty years of expertise know Levi’s how the perfect jeans to create and realize the people in the movie. “I wear jeans, I wear good jeans, I look good and I’m going to succeed!”

Surprising concepts and stories

Still plays Levi’s with the new collection not safe; they are going forward. In addition to the well-known and ever-enhanced classics will also notice a more dressed high with dresses and tops in unexpected materials like cotton and wool launch. “We wanted to see what people think to know about Levi’s a really good shaking and supplement with surprising concepts and stories,” says creative director Len Peltier. “The campaign is designed to be a whole new generation of pioneers to believe in the brand Levi’s, just as we in them believe,” adds Alderete.

Young people are the future and the future is sacred, that made the brand itself are already clear when it was the Water(KS)

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