Dems use scrapped G7 plans at Trump National to increase the emoluments clause claim

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To use the President Trump the plans, Trump National Doral Miami will host next year’s group of Seven summit may have been scrapped-but it is still evidence that the President is against the Constitution, the emoluments clause, the Connecticut democratic Sen., Richard Blumenthal, argued in a pleading filed in a U.S. Federal court on Tuesday.

Trump has vigorously defended himself against accusations that he is not wrong who his business ventures, noting that the Constitution defines “fee” and its businesses and properties existed long before he was President.

But in the short Court of Appeals filed in the United States for the District of Columbia Circuit, first reported by McClatchy, Blumenthal asserted that Trump was the behavior to open in spite of the Constitution.

“Getting bolder, President Trump just announced last week that he wrote to the award of the next G-7 summit, to his resort in Doral, Florida, only reversed course after a public outcry-in the time, disparaging, ‘people with this false emoluments clause,'” Blumenthal.

“Worst of all,” he added, “because the President is not the obtaining of the approval of the Congress prior to the acceptance of donations from foreign governments, the entire range of these services and the governments, which remain unknown to them.”

The Trump National Doral golf resort, which is owned by the Trump organization, was the host of the G7 summit next year.

Blumenthal went on to argue, to sue that, although the legislators are usually lack of, the President, due in part to the separation-of-powers concerns, the Supreme Court precedent, supported by the finding in this instance.

The senator cited the “untold amounts for rent, fees and charges on its commercial and residential towers” the Trump has reportedly won from foreign governments.

“The President may be decided, for now, not to go ahead with his plan to the G-7 summit to keep the resort on his Doral, but the fact that he even thought about it once more underscores the fact that he has zero regard to the Foreign emoluments clause,” Blumenthal said in a statement published by McClatchy. “That’s the reason why my appeal to the President accountable to the Constitution is so important.”

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On Monday, Trump argues that “Democrats are crazy” with criticism, he would have violated the “wrong remuneration of officials clause” of the Constitution.

“I was willing to do this for free” Trump said at a Cabinet meeting on Monday, compares it to its decision, with its height of US $400,000 presidential salary. But now, he said, “It will cost a fortune for the country.”

He dismissed the criticism that, even without accepting payments, hosting the summit at his Trump National Doral in Miami, it would have been great advertising for his brand. “You don’t think I have enough support? I get more publicity than any human being who ever lived,” he said.


Trump Vice versa, of course, it’s Saturday and the hosting of the G-7 at Doral after Republicans joined the Democrats in the awareness-raising alarm about self-dealing and violation of the emoluments clause that bans the President from accepting gifts or payments from foreign governments. His acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, said the President recognized that “it looks crappy” business on his property.

Trump said on Monday that Doral had to do a hit — “It went great, good.”

The resort is to have drawn the largest source of revenue from its 17 golf properties, but the PGA and other organizations events used to be held that has it, and his company told the local authorities that you cut your tax bill, because it is below average.

FILE – in This 2. June 2017, the image file from video shows the Trump National Doral in Doral, Florida. President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019, he is going to keep his plan, the next group of Seven world leaders’ meeting at its Doral, Florida, a golf resort. (AP Photo/Alex Sanz, file)

Mulvaney said last week that Doral was “by far” the best place because of its location in the vicinity of the Miami airport, and separate buildings that host for each country delegation.

Mulvaney listed eight States in the USA visited, in the screening process, including Tennessee, North Carolina, Hawaii, California, Michigan and Utah.

White house officials refused to name the specific properties that you would have checked, or give details of how you checked them.


Trump had previously tweeted that a possible alternative location for the presidential elections retreat in Camp David, Maryland, the site of the G-7 summit in 2012. But Mulvaney previously described Camp David as a much too small and remote, and a “miserable place” for a e-7.

The question at the Cabinet meeting, where the summit will take place, well, Trump said that the search team would look at other places, but no matter, “I don’t think it’s so exciting.”

Fox News’ Edmund DeMarche and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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