Dems smoke as a trump pushes low-cost, ObamaCare alternative health plans

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Trump: The ObamaCare individual mandate is gone

President Trump says that the Republicans eliminated a “particularly cruel tax’, which fell mostly to the Americans less than $50,000 per year, and repealed in the core of the disastrous ObamaCare.’

The Trump administration moved to allow Tuesday to sell health insurance, with lower cost, less comprehensive medical plans as an alternative to the measures under ObamaCare – a plan that drew a swift protest from the Democrats in Congress.

The proposed regulations would allow, to sell the insurer that the individual consumer “short-term” policies that can take up to 12 months, have less benefits, and come with lower premiums.

The plans would also come with a waiver that do not meet the Affordable Care Act’s consumer protection requirements, such as guaranteed coverage. Insurers could also charge consumers more, if the individual revealed medical history of health problems.

But in a time of rising premiums, Trump representatives of the government announced that the option, as a boost for those who need coverage but do not qualify for the Affordable care Act subsidies, and otherwise, face the payment of the full premium cost.

“We need to opening up more affordable alternatives,” health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told reporters. “It is a step in the direction of providing Americans with alternatives that suited both cheaper and better to individual and family circumstances.”

Be careful, any effort to undermine ObamaCare, but democratic leaders on Capitol Hill, the administration accused to try to green light the sale of “junk” policy.

To sabotage “since the first day of trump-management-playbook on health care, the market places, jack up costs and premiums for millions of middle-class Americans. Then – to offer as a supposed life-line of a self – inflicted crisis with the junk-insurance protection for those who said with pre-existing conditions or coverage of essential health benefits, and more,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, said in a statement.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a statement, “the Americans buy this shoddy, misleading, short-term trump care plans to be removed, a diagnosis of the disaster to discover that you have the payment for the coverage, which may or may not include basic care, such as treatment of cancer, prevention or protection of the mother.”

She claimed the move would, in turn drive the premiums for people with pre-existing conditions.

The proposal comes after congressional Republicans failed to adopt a law to repeal and replace the ACA, however, has to buy the repeal of the individual requirement to health insurance.

Critics of Trump’s approach to say that such short-term measures, the health care law, the insurance markets, because healthy customers have more attractive to consumers, undermining the incentive to stay away from and their state counterparts.

Democrats say the solution is the increase of state subsidies, so that more middle-class-entitled people to buy the assistance, and comprehensive coverage. Under Obama, short-term plans were limited to a period of not longer than three months.

Trump administration officials reject the idea that they are trying to undermine the ACA. A large health insurance company, United Healthcare, is already positioning itself on the market’s short-term plans.

The administration of the proposal is open for public comments for 60 days. However, for the year 2018, short-term cover do not count as qualified coverage under the Obama health care law, which means that consumers with such plans would be legally considered to be uninsured, putting them at risk of fines.

The repeal of the individual mandate is not effective until next year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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