Dems head to S. C. all eyes on Biden

in the vicinityVideoJoe Biden says he defeated Trump in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Florida

Campaign “Trail Mix”: Joe Biden says if nominated he could shoot involved Trump in selected southern States; Pete Buttigieg returned to South Bend following police.

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On the roster: Dems head to S. C. all eyes on Biden – trump plays Hamlet on Iran strike GOP closing the door on Roy Moore – Oregon gov. sends the police to the fugitive, the GOP-lawmakers – Ya heard?

USA Today: “the Former Vice-President [Joe Biden‘s] controversial comments this week about the two former racial segregation legislator threatens the large 22 White house hopefuls gather in South Carolina to your case to make to voters in a state where the African-Americans, the majority of the Democratic voters. … The controversy continues to simmer, even as some party faithful are trying to downplay the intra-party sniping before this weekend, the democratic party of cattle-call in Columbia, S. C., All but one of the party’s most important candidates are scheduled to stump in Rep. Jim Clyburn‘s” World Famous ” Fish Fry… ‘you need to judge politicians by voting, not by Association,” said civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, a South Carolina dates, the travel took, to allow the state to gather in the party and start a voter registration drive. “You can relate to all kinds of people, you just can’t swallow all your wickedness.'”

But not Buttigieg – The mountain: the “Presidential candidate and South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) will not attend Rep. James Clyburn’s (D-S. C.) candidate fish fry this weekend, and instead stay in the city for a March after a police-involved shooting last week. Buttigieg’s campaign confirmed to the hill that the mayor made the trip from Miami, after the visit of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed officials (NALEO) conference, South Bend for the March on Friday evening.”

Latino leaders grouse about Biden is on the outreach efforts – Political: “A number of Democratic presidential contenders are scheduled to speak [today], the country’s largest Association of Latino officials, but there is a notable absence: Joe Biden. Biden is the decision to skip Miami forum has released a new criticism, that the former Vice-President and front-runner, takes a Central constituency for granted in a primary school, where the Latino vote in swing could be the result of a number of important early contests. … Biden’s absence on NALEO’s is not an isolated case, according to officials and organizers of Latinos have focused on the mobilization on the ground in key States. His campaign has offered almost no direct contact or oral confirmation of the rapidly growing Latino electorate, they say, and little if any inroads with the Latino community in the critical ” swing States such as Nevada or Florida.”

Bernie credits Warren increase to your sex – Fox News: “sen Bernie Sanders, I-VT., weighed in on the recent rise of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, in the polls on Wednesday and suggested that her campaign gets to be, because the people would like to see a woman elected.’ Warren had favorable polling in several States in the last days, some had their topping-Sanders. During an appearance on CNN, Sanders was asked why he believes that Warren is on the rise and is pressed, whether or not you will be seen by the voters as a ‘multi selectable” version of yourself. “Well, I think we are running up against a lot of problems,’ Sanders responded. “I think there are a certain number of people want to be elected, to see a woman, I understand. There are people who want to see someone who was younger, and I understand that too. There are a lot of factors out there.'”

Maine moves for ‘Super Tuesday’ primary – the Portland Press Herald: “a Different law, the [democratic Gov. Jane] Mills signed on late Wednesday or early Thursday, L. D. 1626, add Maine to the list of member States, the presidential primaries on “Super Tuesday” in March of next year. The push to switch to elections traction after a few caucus sites participation in the 2016 presidential Caucuses were overwhelmed by the high choice. ‘Presidential primaries offer a convenient and accessible voting experience,” bill sponsor Sen. Louis Luchini, D-Ellsworth, said in a statement. “I think primaries, it is clear the turnout, the strengthening of our democracy increase.’ It is unclear whether Mainers will be able to use the state of the new ranked-choice voting system for those that the March primaries or the presidential elections in November, however. To authorize a bill, L. D. 1083,, rank-choice voting for the presidential elections, also got hung up in the legislature and has been shelved, for now.”

“The qualified negative of the President differs widely from this absolute negative of the British sovereign; and tallies exactly with the revisionary authority of the Council of revision of this state, of which the Governor is a part.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 69

Sky News: “Grey seals are able to, sing, movie themes, and imitates human speech, a new study has suggested. Researchers at the University of St Andrews, three grey seals have been designed to copy audio sequences, resulting in a several-note rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the Star Wars theme tune. Marine mammals were also found to be able to copy sounds of human language, including vowels. Lead researcher Amanda Stansbury said she was ‘amazed’ at how well the seals were able to the sounds to imitate. She said: “the copies were perfect, but given the fact that these are not typical seal sounds like it’s pretty impressive.’ But while Mrs. Stansbury notes the significance of the results, the research team says that it will mean that we will be able to have spoken conversations with seals soon. Professor Vincent Janik, Director of the Scottish Oceans Institute at the University of St. Andrews, noted that the copying of the language is a part of, but understanding is another.”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval
: 44.4 Percent
Average of the refusal: with a high of 51.8 percent
Net Score: -7.4 Points
Change from a week ago: up to 2 points
[Average, includes: Monmouth University: 41% approve – 50% of the decline; Gallup: 43% approve – 55% lean; USA Today/Suffolk: 49% approve, reject – 48%; Fox News: 45% approve, reject – 53%; NBC/WSJ: 44% approve – 53% disapprove.]

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WaPo: “President Trump ordered an attack on Iran on Thursday in retaliation for the shooting down of a drone surveillance in the Strait of Hormuz, but called the operation off just before it was due to occur, because it would have caused extensive loss of human life, he said on Friday. In a series of morning ” tweets, Trump said, he called out strikes on three Iranian sites minutes before start because he was informed about the probable loss of life among the Iranians. “We were cocked & loaded, to tweeted revenge last night on 3 different sites, when I asked how many are going to die,’ Trump. ‘150 persons, sir, was the response from one General. 10 minutes before the strike began, I stopped.’ So a death toll ” was not proportionate to the shooting down of an unmanned drone,’ Trump wrote, adding: “I’m not in a hurry, our military is built up again to go brand new and ready to be the best in the world, by far. Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran will NEVER have nuclear weapons, not against the United States, and not against the WORLD!'”

Pergram: house Dems want new permission for the use of force – Fox News: “The United States closer to a military confrontation with Iran, now more than ever. This also means, however, that the Congress could be the next coming up in the next few years, in the face of a new resolution to authorize the use of military force. Such a proposal could be permissions at the end of the old Congress approved in 2001 for the fight in Afghanistan, and in 2002, a blessing in Iraq to invade. Three presidents, including President Trump, has these permissions for the use of Military force (AUMFs) for a variety of military interventions for nearly two decades. The operations went beyond the scope of Afghanistan and Iraq. The United States took advantage of these AUMFs for the deployment of military force in the Philippines, Georgia, Yemen, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Niger. In fact, the house a defense spending plan, with a provision to delete the old AUMFs, within 240 days after the measure is always right.”

Politico: “Republicans are promising to do everything they can to blur, Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate primary. A push is underway to get President Donald Trump involved to derail Moore. The Republicans are active move to recruit Jeff Sessions to run for his old seat. And GOP leaders warning the party of compromise, perhaps his only chance at picking up a Senate seat next year, if you leave Democrat Doug Jones , his favoured match-up. “It will be a lot of effort was made to ensure that we have a candidate other than him, and one who can win in November,” said Senate majority whip, John Thune (R-S. D.). ‘He has already proven he can’t.’ Added Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, ‘We are against Roy Moore vigorously.’ Moore as we know, Jones lost in the year 2017… that His return would be as a candidate Thursday evoked disgust felt among the Republican senators, as it dawned on and to confront him once more before he cost you potentially a different seat.”

Fairfax credits rape charges for celebrity, when you consider Governor elections run – Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax said on Thursday that he was “very confident about the future and thinking very seriously” about a gubernatorial run in the year 2021. Fairfax, who faces sexual assault allegations from two women, said the scandal his profile has raised public for good. ‘Many people a year ago would not have said, recognized me, as they do now, really,’ Fairfax. ‘People come up to me at the gas station, they say, ‘Hey, we recognize you. We love you. We know what they say about you is wrong.” Fairfax comments came during a roundtable with reporters about his recent trip to England, where he followed family ties with an English family, who freed his great-great-great-grandfather from slavery in Northern Virginia.”

The key to the Keystone State , The Philadelphia Inquirer: “So, fresh from Trump’s official re-election announcement on Tuesday, what he must do in order to win Pennsylvania again? This is more complicated. In 2016, the result was so unbearably close, the state decided, by 44,000 votes, more than six million cast, less than 1 percent– that tiny shifts in any part of the electorate could change the outcome in the next year. It is not a major factor. There are a lot of. If Trump Belt its thickness in the Rust, in working-class districts and rural areas, step back, and even a small amount, he will lose could. If the Democrats continue to increase, in the suburbs, could doom the trump card. If democratic voters in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh approach to the historical turnout levels seen under Barack Obama, that could flip the state. Or, if trump manages to pull voters who have not supported him in 2016, he could repeat his victory.”

AP: “Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has provided the state police to try to round up Republican lawmakers fleeing the Capitol to block a vote on a landmark economy-wide climate plan, would be the second of its kind in the nation. Minority, to Republicans, that the cap-and-trade proposal, which is aimed to drastically reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, to be sent to the voters, instead of initiated by the legislature — collapsed but the negotiations with the Democrats, what force can the way to the Start… of the Oregon State police that the senators that they will return to the track in the state in a patrol car to take you to the Capitol, although the Agency said in a statement to bring back that it is ‘polite communication’ and patience, the villain of the legislature. Under state law, the attendance of the absent senators will be starting with a fine of $500 per person, per day [today]. Democrats have an 18-12 majority in the chamber, but with 20 members present for a quorum.”

What’s the matter? – The Oregonian: “If a bill has an” emergency clause ” – as HB-2020 – means that the legislation is effective immediately through the passage, not in the usual 90 days. Opponents, therefore, would not have the opportunity to collect signatures and the policy relate to the voters. The Republicans claim that a bill in this complex, with consequences for the entire state for three decades — there is no good reason why not to say the voters should have. Democrats say climate change is an emergency, and a referral to the ballot box would effectively interrupt the program until November 2020, so that the implementation in the year 2021 a thing of the impossibility. It is important to note that the opponents of the initiative process could still be up to the challenge, the program in a separate ballot initiative. And Washington voters have twice rejected similar carbon-pricing systems, after heavy spending by the opponent.”

House Dems ready for action against Don McGahn to testify – Politico

To do “if you do the math, and multiply the potential topics by the number of candidates, you have to program a two-week-long TV.” – Andrew Heyward, former CBS News President, talking about the upcoming democratic debates, per Politico.

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NY Daily News: “the have found Cops in Florida, the rightful owner, prosthetic ear, which had recently washed up on a local beach. The Beaufort, S. C., resident was on vacation in the Tampa area with his wife, when he lost his ear while you are swimming. He tried to put it in his pocket for the storage, when a wave hurled it from his hand,’ Sergeant Brian Hall, of Holmes Beach Police Department told The Associated Press. Fortunately, a local resident, the ear found in the sand on Saturday on Anna Maria Island… The Holmes PD posted the photos of the ear on its Facebook page on Tuesday with the hope of tracking down the owner. … The man, the woman contacted the Department and informed them that the ear belonged to her husband. The Department said on Thursday, it E-mail the ear to you in South Carolina. ‘We put it in the box. I hope that no one sees and it freaks you said out,’ Sergeant hall.”

“Even Rome is no model for what America is today. First, because we do not have the Imperial culture of Rome. We are an Athenian Republic, even more Republican and infinitely more democratic than Athens. … Secondly, we are unlike Rome, unlike Britain and France and Spain and the other classical empires of modern times, that we do not hunger for territory.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writing for the American Enterprise Institute on Feb. 10, 2004.

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