Dems circle wagons around the “squad”, as Omar reacts to ‘send them back’ chant

close tovideo trump: Rep. Omar blames the U.S. for 9/11 terrorist attacks

President Trump addresses feud with ‘the team’ in the campaign rally in North Carolina.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., other Democrats, and a number of commentators agree in the condemnation of President Trump on Wednesday evening, according to the quantity in a North Carolina “Make America Great Again” rally broke out in a distinctive chant of “send them back”, while the President criticized Omar and other members of the so-called progressive Democrats “squad.”

The three words referred to Trump’s tweet on Sunday in which the President said, unnamed “Democrat women in Congress gave back” should go and fix the “corrupt” and “crime infested places” from which they came, and then: “you come back and show us how it is done.”

The President later confirmed all of them, but, he was referring to Omar, as well as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley — all of which, except Omar, have been in the United States was born. After a historic ground battles, the Democrat-controlled house of representatives formally condemned Trump’s comments as “racist” on Tuesday.

“Let ’em leave … you always tell us about how to start it, how to do this, what to do. You know what? If you don’t love it, say ‘leave em,” Trump said at the rally, doubling down on his previous comments.

In response, on Wednesday evening, Omar’s rights activist and poet Maya Angelou on Twitter quoted: “you may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you can give me dates kill with your spiteful, But still, like air, I’ll rise.”

Also a post from California Rep. Ted Lieu, a Democrat, have retweeted the “racist song called” and the people pushing to “vote, donate & organize like never” save “the soul of our country.”

Omar also have retweeted, Minnesota State, Sr., Matt Klein’s message of support.

“Congressman Omar is here to stay,” Klein wrote. “I am looking forward on your opinions about their policies. But if you think you are not more American than you, you know, what America is, and it is that you should leave.”

2020 democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris echoed these feelings.

“It is despicable. It is a coward. It is xenophobic,” Harris wrote on Twitter. “It is racist. It is the office of the President tarnished. And I’m not going to share it here. It is time to trump out of the office and the clubs in the country.”

Added tried DC Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy: “It should go without saying that the singing of ‘Send them back to her!’ is not a refugee fellow citizens turned (no matter how loudly you & how wrong they may be basically everything) is unsustainable, but anyway I’m looking forward to the hot, to defend it.”


Townhall editor Guy Benson agreed, writing, and – “”Send her back’ is a terrible song. Omar is a U.S. citizen. My less-catchy song would be: ‘Condemn, combat their prejudices, their radicalism, and to investigate serious alleged fraud.'”

In his wide-ranging rally Wednesday, Trump point-for-point, member-by-member, as he unloaded the team. Trump specifically, Omar suggested to said, you “smeared American service members in ‘Black Hawk Down.’ You slandered the brave Americans, to keep trying the peace in Somalia” – a jab at their Somali-American heritage.

Trump also Omar America, said the blame for the economic crisis in Venezuela and refused to condemn Al-Qaeda.

Trump then moved on to his criticism of the Tlaib, said, “the F-word to describe the presidency and the President.”


“This is not said beautiful, even for me,” Trump. “This is not someone who loves our country.”

The President then took on the goal Ocasio-Cortez, which he mocked for your “three different names”, as well as that you described is inaccurate, the migrant-holding facilities on the southern border as a concentration camp.

Of Pressley, Trump of the Massachusetts members of Congress, “said says that people with the same skin color think the same must all. They said, ‘we don’t need more brown faces that don’t want to be brown votes, we need no black faces that don’t want to have a black voice,” a reference to the comments made by Pressley gave at a conference last weekend. “Can you imagine if I said that?”

At the top of his remarks Wednesday night, Trump the house celebrated the decision shelf impeachment proceedings against him.


“I just heard that the United States house of representatives has overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project I have ever worked with,” Trump said, referring to a law enforcement resolution proposed by Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, was far contrary to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other top Democrats.

“The resolution — How stupid is that? — on impeachment.”

Trump called 332-95 vote the impeachment resolution on Wednesday to “completely one-sided” and a “slaughter,” and instead touted the strong economy and low unemployment numbers under his administration.

“And you want to try and charges,” he said. “It’s a shame.”

Fox New Vandana is contributed Rambaran to this report.

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