‘Demon’ shark with a snake’s head caught for the first time

File photo of an ultra-rare frilled shark (Credit: Getty Images)

Sea shanties and stories spun since the dawn of man about the horrific creatures in the sea, terrorizing ships and eating the crew right off the deck.

While many assumed that these were just the stories of the past with no fact, there can be a core of truth in these stories.

The ultra-rare frilled shark that has a body in the form of a snake and a head like a shark is spotted and captured off the coast of the Algarve, towards The Sun. Images of the sharks have caused a stir on social media.

Get the facts about this strange frilled shark caught in Portugal

— The Shark Trust (@SharkTrustUK) 13 November 2017


The creature, measuring 4 feet, 9 inches in length belongs to a species that dates back 80 million years, during the peak of the dinosaurs. It was caught at a depth of 2300 feet below the surface. Previous encounters with the frilled shark are around this depth, but not under 3,300 feet, because of the occupation in the area of the outer continental shelf and upper to middle continental slopes.

People have come across the shark only a few times, including the first sighting in August 2004, off the coast of the south-east of the V. S.

Other observations in January 2007 in Japan, December 2014 in Australia and one in the Bay of Tokyo in April 2017, when the creature was captured on film, according to the Japanese news site Mantan.

Other than the habitat and appearance, little is known about the frilled shark, due to the fact that it has never been recorded before.

In an interview with the Portuguese news website, Sic Noticias, University of the Algarve, professor Margarida Castro said that the name is derived from the way in which the 300 teeth are arranged.

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