Democrats, the behavior in the impeachment arguments, fee Trump’s was worse than Nixon

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Chairman of the legal Committee, Jerrold Nadler Thursday, President Trump of the implementation of his own personal interests above the interests of national security and the US accused of of American democracy and charged that Trump is the only President in history against his oath of office so shamelessly.

“No President has the force ever be in office, to help a foreign nation, to betray him, in our elections-the President would be shocked if the core is open by such a behavior and the law,” Rep. Nadler, D-NY, said at the start of day two of the house impeachment Manager ” instructions.


“This behavior is not America First,” Nadler said, borrowing Trump’s campaign slogan. “It is Donald Trump, first.”

Trump has been caught once, put pressure on the Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election of the search investigation, the Joe Biden and Hunter, he launched an unprecedented effort to stonewall Congress’ request calculated by the refusal of documents and witnesses, Nadler.

“It was also President Nixon brings to shame,” Nadler said.

Nadler is hard, speak to the venue for the second of three days of house Manager ” to open the arguments against Trump, with a deep dive on the first article of impeachment, abuse of power.

To make on the first day of opening arguments, Rep. Adam Schiff and his team more than seven hours, your case. The left 16 hours and 42 minutes on the opening statement, the PM between Thursday and Friday for the house Democrats. Then on Saturday, Trump the lawyers of the word.

As the public continue the case in front of the camera, a more political campaign, which was underway behind the scenes on the question of the calling of new witnesses. Democrats seek four GOP senators to join them, to avoid in a challenging new findings in the study, but the Republicans are actively trying to get all the GOP to customer loss. No new witnesses would be a fast process and a faster vote to acquit the President.


Democrats are calling for the Trump management of cough the documents you have withheld with respect to the Ukraine deal, and allow testimony from new witnesses, which is not possible with in-house request, including the former National security adviser John Bolton.

They were galled, especially that Trump was in Davos, Switzerland, earlier this week, and “gloat[ing]” that he considered “all the material” and the Democrats, while warning that the call from Bolton would be a risk to national security.

“It’s incredible-on faith -that the President of the United States would also go, in Davos and in the midst of impeachment proceedings, and then make statements like that, the intimidation of the jury, and to gloat about the fact that he has not turned the documents over” sen. Tom Udall, D-N. M., said on Thursday.

Some GOP senators are witnesses of reciprocity have fostered and called Hunter Biden, to give testimony about what he was doing, was on the board of Ukraine energy company Burisma.

“Hunter Biden is a material witness, and if we are going to call witnesses, I want to see him on the stand, and these questions must be asked,” Sen. Joshua Hawley, R-Mo., Said Thursday.

After opening statements from both sides, there will be a further vote, whether in terms of new witnesses and documents in the coming days.

Hawley would not say whether it would be GOP customer defection but said the caucus is in regular discussions to keep tabs on where senators stand.

“There is an ongoing conversation, informal, on what people think. We spend a lot of time,” Hawley said of the marathon study sessions.

Nadler is must take carefully Thursday. Chief Justice John Roberts warned both sides on Tuesday night, according to Nadler and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone tussled on the Senate.

Nadler accused Republican senators, in a “cover-up” if you deny the witnesses say it is “absolutely untenable” and “to vote treacherous”.


His statements key swing senator, Rep., Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, offended. Hawley, the administrator of Roberts, said that the warning was “out of the ordinary, especially for him.”

“He is very discreet. He is very careful. … I was very surprised,” Hawley Roberts said. “That was a pretty big blow, I thought, and it was deserved.”

The Senate GOP leadership is working to avoid, departs from the witness path with Democrats, according to a Senate leadership source. To achieve leadership actively to potential defectors: Murkowski, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah.

The four of them were “instrumental” in the transformation of McConnell’s resolution organize to allow” on the fly “, more days for opening statements and avoidance of middle-of-the-night arguments. It is a strategic effort, these four involved in the process, the aide told Fox News.


With a quick process, and acquittal in the absence of witnesses and documents that would benefit, trying to avoid the White house and GOP leaders, a witness of mutual showdown, at the Bolton witness would, in exchange for, say, Hunter Biden.

“There are a few people on my side, you want to call, Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S. C. “I want to end this thing sooner rather than. I don’t want to be in a circus.”

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S. C., said it is too early to say whether the GOP will remain United on the question of the witness. As far as he the house found Democrats ” arguments repetitive and “not necessarily effective.”

“Everyone wants to be all things, but in the end it’s not really something we can comment on the should. We should just wait and see what happens,” said Scott.

Like Murkowski, the sting was to the impeachment proceedings Thursday, it was asked whether they feel pressure. “Only the top”, she laughed before she closed the Elevator door.


To expose the interior of the chamber, the Democrats, the pain on Thursday, Biden all of the allegations against the former Vice-President Joe and his son Hunter for any wrongdoing. The White house said Trump was looking for the study of Ukraine at the root of the corruption, while Democrats said it was purely for political purposes.

While you are accused of cooking for arguments, Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, Trump, up with the idea for an investigation, after he saw how Fox News polling, the Biden beat him in 2020 matchup.

“There was no basis for the investigation of the President, to pursue and push. No. He did it only for his political advantage,” Garcia said.

Democrats held out some hope of the house prosecution of those responsible for the arguments shake some of the GOP would loose support for witnesses and documents.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, says that he is in personal contact with the Republicans. Private Republicans moan about the president’s behavior, but they are also afraid to speak of Trump, Brown said.

“I hear a number of Republicans say to me, you know, what the President did was wrong,” said Brown. “Some of them say, you know, it’s really risen to the level of high crimes and misdemeanours … voice but you are just not ready, way because they are afraid of this President. She is afraid that President you call names, will come to your state and campaign against them. And, unfortunately, fear makes the business.”

Fox News’ Mike Emanuel, Adam Shaw and Hillary Vaughn contributed to this report.

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