Democrats face-2020-choice-problem

closevideo what can we expect in the year 2020, the Democratic hopefuls are going head-to-head?

The former trump campaign pollster Jim McLaughlin breaks down the hypothetical match-ups.

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On the roster: Democrats face-2020-selection of problem – Beto, Warren call to abolish the Electoral College – report: the German Bank loaned Trump $2 billion – an eye on Andrew Yang – Better late than never?

Boston way Globe: “With the party’s first national debates, which is located less than three months, and the New Hampshire primary less than 11 months, the big challenge for … [candidates:] just like being in a crowded pack to cheeky to do without something like that, it could backfire. … A large field with no obvious front-runner shake in a number of ways, but the history suggests that it will likely in the end to one of two paths. The first of the long, (mostly) collegial search for a consensus candidate. This is what we saw with the relatively large Democratic field in 1988 (11 candidates, plus a couple of fringe). In the race, the big names, the sat, or flamed out early, and the campaign was started in a slow grind… The 2004 campaign in a similar way…. The model for the second possible way is a much more recent: The Republicans in the 2016 campaign. … After all, what is an effective primary campaign does is put the candidate through a punishing stress test, tightened and strengthened in order to provide everyone the confidence that they have identified, in the strongest Challenger for the General election. … So that the ridge is a hike, the Democratic candidates have to walk: you need to unfiltered and distinctive enough to break out of the pack, but not so open that you disqualified yourself by the wrath of the summary judgment in the social media.”

California’s early primary is ready to pull the 2020 Democrats further to the left – Fox News: “in contrast to the past elections, California, and hold its primary early in the season – on 3. March 2020. This means that the West Coast state and its famous liberal voters, hold additional influence on this cycle. And to connect during the 2020 candidate with the Fans in the earliest votes in Iowa and New Hampshire – with its more moderately-inclined electorate in California, the combination of an early primary and a massive delegate count could motivate the field decided to run in the progressive lane from the beginning. … Is another sign of California’s emerging impact on this cycle, the alleged front-runner sen Bernie Sanders plans to visit the state this week. … Is not only planned in the California primary for Super Tuesday in March, but the early voting is at the start, around the time of the Iowa Caucuses. With that in mind, Sanders’ visit this week is the beginning of a political gold rush is likely to come, such as the 2020 candidates to the West for elections, and a gold watch.”

“The choice of SEVERAL, to an intermediate body of electors, will be much less suitable, bends the municipality with an extraordinary or violent movements, than the choice of ONE who was himself to wish the last object by the public.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 68

The Atlantic: “To be clear, NASA has ambitious plans for missions to the moon and Mars, the dogs do not belong. … But the dogs were in the room. In the 1950s and 1960s, the Soviet Union, dogs strapped into capsules and launched into the sky. … But [NASA] suggests that, in contrast to the Soviet dogs, a dog on Mars would not be a laboratory animal, but a valued companion on the journey to a distant land. … Designing a space suit for a dog would be the hard part… NASA has decades of experience in the production of spacesuits, which are like little spaceship of your own… The problem is, the dog’s experience inside the space suit, the circulate would be the same air over and over. … The closed environment in a space suit would be overwhelming. … There is also the question of the dog relieving itself. Astronauts wear adult diapers during space walks; Mars researchers would be training your canine companion to get comfortable with a similar arrangement.”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval:
41 Percent
The average of the rejection: 53.6 percent
Net Score: -12.6 Points
Change from a week ago: down 1.8 points
[Average, includes: CNN: 43% approve – 51% oppose; Gallup: 39% approve – 57% lean; Monmouth University: 44% approve, reject – 52%; Quinnipiac University: 38% approve, reject – 55%; IBD: 41% approve – 53% disapprove.]

Fox News: “Another year of 2020, Democrat. against the Electoral College After addressing students at Penn State University on Tuesday afternoon, Beto O’rourke , defendant Hillary Clinton‘s failure to the White house, despite winning the popular vote, it is a lot of wisdom in calls for change. “I think there is much to do. Because she had published an election in 2016, where the loser got 3 million more votes than the winner,’ O’rourke says in a video online. … ‘If we really want to vote that everyone to give you every reason to vote, we need to ensure that their votes count and they go to the candidate of your choice. So I think it’s a lot of wisdom in it.’ O ‘Rourke’ s support for the potential of the abolition of the Electoral College came a day after sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., pushed a similar proposal. ‘Every voice matters, and the way we do, what happens is that we get rid of the national vote, and that means that, the Electoral College,’ Warren told an audience at the historically black Jackson State University in Mississippi.”

History shows that the Democrats’ call, is not surprising – WaPo: “defenders of the electoral college system, arguing that it mandates visits to States, such as the above, which otherwise might be overlooked. … That the debate aside, there is certainly no reason to be surprised that Warren would call, will be thrown to the electoral college system. There are four elections since 1860, has been given, in which the electoral vote, the presidency, the candidate that lost the popular vote: 1876, 1888 and 2000 and 2016. As a Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has pointed out, the Republicans have won the popular vote only once in your life, but the White house kept for 10 years. In each of these four elections where the popular vote winner lost the electoral vote, the losing candidate was a Democrat.”

Court-packing is a further test on the left side – The hill: “whether or not to expand the Supreme court characterized as a key litmus test in the crowded 2020 Democratic presidential primary field. Once dismissed as a fringe idea, the Reform of the nation’s highest court is gaining traction with a growing number of Democratic 2020 candidate as a progressive outside groups and high-ranking officials, including former attorney General Eric Holder, vaulted the idea into the national spotlight. The courts have as a lightning rod during the Trump management for the democratic party strong in the base that remains deeply bitter about Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s (R-Ky.) The decision to block, Merrick Garland, President Obama‘s last Supreme court nominee. Proponents argue that the comprehensive reforms, including the increase in the number of judges needed to Trump and McConnell, they say, counteract have ‘Packed’ the judiciary with conservative judges, including two judges of the Supreme court, and a record number of influence appeals court takes up.”

NYT: “Mr. [Donald] Trump and Deutsche Bank were deeply interwoven, their symbiotic bond born of necessity and ambition, on both sides… Then Mr. Trump won the 2016 election, and the Deutsche bank moved into the damage control mode, bracing for an onslaught of public scrutiny, according to several people, the internal reaction. … More than two years later, Mr Trump are the financial links with the German Bank is the subject of investigations from two congressional committees and the New York state attorney General. The investigators hope to Deutsche Bank as a window into Mr. trump’s personal and business finances. Deutsche Bank officials have quietly argued, regulators, legislators and journalists that Mr Trump was a priority for the bank or its executives, and that lending was not the work of a single, obscure. division. But interviews with more than 20 current and former Deutsche Bank Manager, or board members, most of them with direct knowledge of the trump card-to-many relationship, which is in conflict with the bank to tell.”

Politico: “He can’t be the 2020 presidential candidate, but Fox News is already the treatment of the former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz as a, complete with its own town hall event for next month planned. Fox News anchor Bret Baier , and Martha MacCallum is the host of the event, which is expected to 4. April in Kansas City, Missouri, the announced network, on Tuesday. The town hall event is said to pack the emphasis is on ” Schultz on the potential candidacy and the issues he plans to,’ Fox News. Schultz sparked a wave of criticism from the left at the beginning of this year, when he announced that he explore would be a possible run for President as a centrist, independent candidate. In touting his potential bid, Schultz, the democratic party destroyed, of which he was previously a member, criticises his lurch to the left in the last few years. He argued that he could garner the votes of the centrist Democratic and Republican voters unhappy with the President, Donald Trump, but uncomfortable with voting for a liberal Democrat.”

Keep an eye on Andrew Yang – FiveThirtyEight: “[Andrew] Yang is the only 2020 candidate so far to a universal income is front-and-center, and his campaign says it is the key to attracting support. But it is probably not strong enough output to drive the Yang to victory on his own. A Gallup poll from the year 2017, the concept was to split — 48 percent, however, supported a universal basic income, while 52 per cent. … That is, if Yang has, in fact, the debate stage, he could succeed to make the issue a part of the national conversation. … We expect to get that Yang very much the support of The Left, most Americans think that the provision of a universal income is a socialist position (though it’s conservative followers), and Yang progressive views on a variety of other topics. But he can be the language not to speak of The Left: He is frank, and said: “I’m a capitalist,” and his campaign manager, Zach gray man, says that the campaign does not subscribe to the ” capitalist/socialist dichotomy.’ Yang is the strongest constituencies could Millennials and Hispanic and Asian voters.”

Klobuchar lists of successes, while overlooking obstacles – NPR: “Minnesotans, such as democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar. … She hopes that the strong support in their home state… But on the way, Klobuchar facing some obstacles: their moderate politics (at least in comparison to many of its competitors in the nomination) may disable some of the primaries voters, as some of the reports that you badly treated your staff. … Your way to “universal health care” does not mean putting everyone on a government-administered insurance. Rather, it is the first time a … bill, which ultimately failed, would have stabilized the Obamacare exchange. In addition, Klobuchar said that she wants people to allow to buy in to Medicaid on a bill sponsored by Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, a ‘public option’ plan. That is, Klobuchar says that they are not exactly against Medicare for All.”

Booker swipes at candidates for boasting about marijuana – WaPo: “Sen. Cory Booker (D-N. J.) appeared to take a swipe at two of his colleagues on the 2020 presidential candidates in an MSNBC interview Monday night, in which he criticized” the senators brag about their pot use.’ Booker not to mention any names during the ‘Hardball’ interview with host Chris Matthews. But he suggested that it was inappropriate for the legislature to make light of the Problem, if some in society are the legal consequences for similar actions. “We have presidential candidates-senators — bragging about your pot, while there are children who can not get a job, because you said a non-violent offense,’ Booker. In a radio interview last month, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) … laughingly admitted that they used marijuana in the past… sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), another 2020 candidate, has not spoken recently about the fact that they distributed marijuana, though his comments were as far as Harris. … Booker’s comments in the MSNBC interview, coming a day after he made a similar statement during a campaign event in Davenport, Iowa.”

Bernie announces top employees in the Wake of the shakeup – Fox News: “A month after Sen. Bernie Sanders started his second straight bid for the democratic presidential nomination, his campaign announces important personnel decisions. The independent senator from Vermont, on Tuesday officially announced a slate of national employees. The step emphasized, comes only four days after Sanders, to organize his presidential campaign would be the first in the history of the Union. And the announcements come three weeks after a major shakeup in the campaign, with several top consultants from Sanders’ 2016 White house bid heading for the exits. … Regardless of the shakeup, Sanders came out of the gate in the strong position. He drew large crowds Biden to his first two rallies in New York City and Chicago, and along with Ex-Vice President Joe, who is likely to announce his bid next month, is in the vicinity of the top of the opinion polls.”

Give this read: “The policy of Beto and Amy O ‘Rourke’ s marriage’ – WaPo: “Then there is still Amy and Beto. You are at the same time the most modern and the most conventional of families running for President in the year 2020. They are pioneers of social media, broadcasting much of your life in real-time, wealthy, white, and traditional — the political equivalent of ‘The Truman Show.” She captured the hearts and minds of the left in your 2018 to run for the Senate, but now, they call themselves a progressive. Amy, before you put your career on the back burner for her husband ran a Charter school. … In truth, although Amy is not completely on Board, this is the life she would have chosen. She finished recently, Michelle Obama‘s ‘Always.’ Like Michelle, Amy says: as the first woman, ‘I would not put it on the list of things that I strove for ever.'”

Trump 2020 looks like another Facebook-election – Axios

Nadler ‘promoted’ by the documents in the trump color, disability, probe – Politically

Pergram: ‘border, wall spacer shutdown in this fall’ – Fox News could lead to another government

SupCo rules in favor of Trump, the immigration-detention – Reuters

Cornyn is preparing for the year 2020 to fight – Fort Worth star-telegram

The former speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan joins the board of the new Fox-Corp – Bloomberg

Trump admin hits news-limits for Federal financial aid – AP

“I broke up with sleep last night, and I’m dating coffee this morning. . . I appreciate your warmth and stimulating company.” – A series of old tweets from sen. Cory Booker, D-N. J., in the course of the years have again about his on-and-off relationship with sleep.

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Fox News: “A New Jersey man has finally returned a school library book he checked out 53 years ago. Harry Krame, Fair Lawn, said he recently discovered “The family Book Of Verse” by Lewis Gannet , while cleaning the basement of his house. ‘When he asked my name I told him, I can give it to him because I was in the witness protection program,’ Dig, 65, told WCBS-TV. “I took it out to read and never brought it up again.” Dig out the novel checked out when he was 13 years old in the year 1966. When he realized he still had the book all these years later, he said he felt guilty for a few seconds. … As it was, I still have (it), sorry, sorry.’ Dominick Tarquinio, the Vice-principal of Memorial Middle School, said the news outlet he was shocked when a former student returned to his late book. He said that at today’s rate, Dig debt would be around $2,000 in late fees. However, he said: “We are not to gather on the search.'”

“Regarding terrorism, we have a fairly reasonable balance. But it took time. With Ebola, we have no time. Viruses, do not wait. The sooner we reset the balance — the sooner we get serious — the safer we will be.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) write for the Washington Post on Oct. 16, 2014.

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