Democrats face 2016 déjà vu, as the left resists peace with the primary front-runner

connectthe Video’Bernie Bros “to warn of the” massive exodus ” if Democrats nominate Biden

Joe Biden is not in a General election, without sen Bernie Sanders’ diehard Fans?

It is clear – Joe Biden has cut his work for him, to unite as he tries to the Democratic party.

The day after the delivery of a more aggressive-than-expected debate performance against the former Vice President and current presidential primary front-runner sen Bernie Sanders vowed that “the primary is far from over.”

In an E-Mail to supporters, the progressive hot porn from Vermont was aimed at his rival, as he illuminated that Biden “has argued that we need to cut Social security, voted for the war in Iraq, supported the Hyde Amendment, which restricts the poor women of access to abortion, has threatened to veto the legislation that the guarantee of health care as a right, led the fight for the disastrous bankruptcy bill.”


Sanders also targeted Biden on Twitter, writing, “you need to be on Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, and the fossil fuel industry. Do not take campaign donations from them.”

The night before, during the debate, the self-declared democratic socialist, repeatedly met with Biden about his long record in Washington, his fundraising from companies and support from outside super PACs.

Sanders turned down a symbolic policy olive branch of Biden, in the run-up to the debate on progressive policy adopted and pushed by Sanders to free University tuition fees, and bankruptcy reform. A frustrated Biden said during the prime-time showdown that Sanders is “making it hard for me”, the gap between them.


The deep political divisions on the display during and after the debate are, in turn, to renew fears that the Democrats could not reissue 2016 – votes if a lot of Sanders’s supporters would be for a possible candidacy of Hillary Clinton after a long and divisive primary battle. Democrats, desperate to defeat President Donald Trump in the November General election, will try to prevent heading into the General election with the progressive base of the party is broken again.


Since Biden’s sweeping victories in last Tuesday’s primaries, when he took a big lead over Sanders in the crucial race for the Convention delegates and cemented his frontrunner status, #NeverBiden has begun to trend on Twitter.

And Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-New York – a top Sanders replacement and progressive-rock-star took to Twitter on Sunday evening to repeatedly bash Biden about what they seemed to part, as a policy flip-flops. The tweet displayed continuing to welcome resistance on the left side, Biden’s appeal to progressives.

“Not, you say if you don’t support a fracking ban. Not bankruptcy, not to say that you write, bill, if you were one of the greatest champions. You say you don’t support the end of Hyde for a long time, if they were simply put under pressure in the it tweeted last year,” the members of Congress. “This is basic. The truth is one.”

As he tries to keep the peace, a comment immediately after the debate a Biden senior adviser may not have helped.

“It is safe to say that Vice President Biden showed up to a debate tonight and for two hours gracious [treated] with a kind of protesters, who often shows up at campaign events, on live television,” Anita Dunn told reporters on a conference call.

Other goals on the call, concerned about a lengthy and contentious primary injury to the party in the General elections.

The recent riots have a leading Sanders supporters in New Hampshire.

“Yes. It will work and I will work as hard as I can, to unite, to the ticket, as I said in 2016,” former state Sen. Burt Cohen on Fox News. “It will not be easy. I hope it’s not as difficult as it was in the year 2016.”

And Cohen is not sure that Biden is up to the task of bringing the Sanders wing of the party in the bosom.

“I’m worried about Joe Biden, to be honest,” said Cohen. “If I see him, he has no charisma. He doesn’t get people excited.”

Adam Green, the co-founder of the pro-Warren Progressive Change Campaign Committee, last week called for Sanders to Biden in the race to stay debate.

“He was aggressive thought than I, he was, but he was thought less effective at securing concrete commitments in terms of progressive issues from Biden than I do, he would be given how aggressive he was,” said Green, who were together with the PCCC big Fans of progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren ‘ s White house bid.

Asked if he worried about a repeat of the 2016 Democratic divisions, Green told Fox News, “not yet.”

“Especially in this new coronavirus crisis world, Democrats need to see how our nominee’s campaign and sturdy they are, and in the last night of the debate – even if it is a bit messy – was productive for both candidate seem more presidential and the right policy as a trump card. More so, we have tested candidate is a good one.”

Democratic strategist Chris Moyer agreed to this before another abyss sage.

“It seems like Senator Sanders takes the same approach as before four years,” says Moyer, a veteran of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, and Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey 2020 White house bid. “While many thought Biden might debate the handle is different, now there are not wide fears of a long, drawn-out primary, which hurts our potential candidates, this is clearly Vice-President.”

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