Democrats dog Trump about the closure of the Foundation


Democrats follow President Donald Trump about his decision to dissolve its non-profit Foundation, the beams, the group as a “slush Fund” and demanding he take additional steps to avoid conflicts of interest.

The President-elect announced on Saturday that he is directing his advice to the complete closure.

Trump said in a statement: “I am very proud of the money raised was for the many organizations in need, and I am also very proud of the fact that the Foundation operated at substantially no cost for decades, with 100% of the money goes to charity, but I have dedicated so much time and energy to the presidency, and the solution of the many problems facing our country and the world, I don’t want to, a good work in connection with a possible conflict of interest.”

But the Democratic National Committee to indicate the decision wasn’t good enough for you.

Deputy Communications Director Eric Walker, in a statement, called the announcement a “withered Fig-leaf to cover-up his remaining conflicts of interest and its pathetic record of charity.”

During the presidential campaign, the Democrats, the attention attempted to controversies to Trump’s Foundation, as Republicans hammered Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton through their family Foundation and its alleged conflicts while she was Secretary of state.

Walker renewed accusations in the Wake of Trump’s announcement, said that it is to be in love “has a pathetic record of service, and instead, there was a slush Fund, for Trump to bribe politicians to attack his political enemies and buy portraits of themselves.”

The statement also took a swipe at the President over his controversial business holdings: “formwork is a charity not a substitute for the release of his for-profit companies and put investments in a blind trust-only in this way can the separation between the trump administration, and the trump business.”

Walker further question of how the shut-down of the “opening of the investigation in the Foundation.”

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been studied, as the Foundation the following reports in the media that the Foundation went on spending Trump’s campaign. A spokesperson says that the foundation will close, until the investigation is completed.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press in September, Schneiderman showed that the control of the Donald J. Trump Foundation, dated back to at least June, when his office questioned officially, that the donation to the charity supported a group of Florida attorney General Pam Bondi.

Bondi personal money if requested, the 2013 call, which came after your office with complaints of a former student was claiming that they were defrauded by Trump University.

The Trump Foundation check came just a few days after Bondi’s office of a newspaper told it was examining a lawsuit against Trump University, filed by Schneiderman. Bondi’s office never Trump sued, although she denies his donation played a role in the decision.

Trump later paid $2.500 fine over the cheque from his Foundation, because it violates Federal law, apart from charities, from political contributions.

A 2015 tax return and published on the nonprofit-monitoring of the web site GuideStar, shows the Donald J. Trump Foundation confirmed that it used money or assets, the violation of IRS policies-not only during 2015, but in the years before.

These rules prohibit self-dealing by the charity. This is generally defined as the use of their funds or assets to Trump, his family, his company, or substantial contributor to the Foundation.

The tax Declaration does not provide details about the injuries. Whether trump will spend benefited from the Foundation, was the subject of the Schneiderman probe.

In his statement on Saturday, Trump said that his Foundation has “done enormous good works over the years, a contribution of millions of dollars to countless worthy groups, including the support of veterans, law enforcement officers and children. However, to avoid even the appearance of a conflict with my role as President, I’ve decided to pursue my strong interest in philanthropy in other ways.”

Trump the announcement came a day after the President-elect, took, to explain Twitter, it is a “ridiculous shame” to stop that his son, Eric, solicit money for his charitable Foundation, the Eric Trump Foundation, because there is a conflict of interest.

“My wonderful son, Eric, is no longer allowed to raise money for children with cancer because of a possible conflict of interest with my presidency,” Trump tweeted. “He loves these kids, has raised millions of dollars for it, and now it needs to stop. Wrong Answer!”

Trump was very critical of during the campaign the Clinton Foundation. At the last presidential debate, he urged Clinton to “give back the money” , came from donors in countries that do not respect various human rights.

More than half of the people outside of the government, met with Clinton while she was Secretary of state, gave money — either personally or through companies or groups -to the Clinton Foundation. The proportion specified, possible ethics challenges had been elected President.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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