Democratic megadonor Ed Buck waited 15 minutes before calling 911 on the 2nd man who died in house, report says

connectVideo If he is not stopped, there will be a third body, ” warns the writer who has examined Ed Buck since 2017

The investigation into a second man who died of a methamphetamine overdose deaths in the span of 18 months, in West Hollywood, California, apartment of Ed Bok found that the 64-year-old-who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats and is well-known in LGBTQ political circles — waited 15 minutes before calling 911, according to a report.

Buck said a sheriff’s deputy he tried CPR on the 55-year-old Timothy Dean of West Hollywood for about 15 minutes before calling 911, according to The Daily Beast citing a coroner’s report.

“The witness [Buck] saw him using a piece of clothing to make a noose and tied it to his neck,” the coroner’s report said. “The witness to relay that he removed the ‘sling’ and the decedent then stood up and began to throw clothes in the air.”

The bodies of Gemmel Moore, left, and Timothy Dean, right, were found in the apartment of Ed Buck, center, 18 months apart. (Facebook/AP File)

“The witness reported that he did not see the decedent, the taking of drugs and they are unable to have sex,” according to the report.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Detective Quilmes Rodriguez told Fox News by e-mail Thursday night: “All I can say at this time is that the investigation is ongoing, and at the settlement of pending the outcome of the interviews, the case will be submitted to the district attorneys office for filing consideration.”

Buck’s attorney, Seymour Amster, not of Fox News’ request for comment.


Amster told Fox News on Monday night: “This is a tragedy. … Mr. Buck had nothing to do with his death.”

He said that his client did not know where Dean “got the meth, and he went to the apartment drunk.”


Amster debt of the L. A. drug problem on the West Hollywood city council, which he said would rather focus on the headlines than solving the problems of the community: “The meth problem is a problem in West Hollywood. … Drugs are out of hand in West Hollywood.”

Activists and family members have called for Buck’s arrest, saying, if Dean and the other man who died, 26 years old, Gemmel Moore, was white, there would be more attention to the matter.

Moore died of a methamphetamine overdose in July 2017. He was found naked on a mattress in Buck’s living room, which is littered with drug paraphernalia.

The prosecutors do not file criminal charges, citing insufficient evidence.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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