Democratic legislators to resign prompted by reports of harassment of ‘concealment’

Democratic REP Elizabeth Etsy is asked to resign after reports surfaced that she hid allegations of harassment.


A Connecticut Democrat is asked to resign after reports surfaced that they damaged hidden accusations of harassment against her former boss and employees, have said, physically, and threatened to “kill,” another employee-it continue to work for your office, for months.

REP Elizabeth Etsy came under fire on Thursday after a report from the said that her former chief of staff, Tony Baker, allegedly had a young assistant, with whom he had a romantic relationship, almost 50 times on 5. May 2016, and once he had fought to hold her in the back in the Etsy office in Washington, and threatened her with a report.

An affidavit, has told the Post that the woman, Anna Cain – who’s gone public – felt “intimidated” by Baker, which led them to endanger silent, out of fear of their own safety.

To “feel for the Winter of 2014, respondents (Baker) always yelled petitioner (former employee) in the workplace, so that the women feel intimidated and caused a supplicant, she could respondents do not report his actions, without compromising their safety at risk,” the statement said.

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Calif. gubernative candidate on the DOJ suit, the harassment claim

The Deputy Travis All ” to refer to Washington, California, and for a intervention with Federal immigration laws.

Cain is also a copy of the voicemail threating that Baker left on your phone to The Washington Post.

“You better f—–g reply to me, or I f—–g,” Baker kill worrying, said in the night, to reach which he allegedly tried Cain almost 50 times.

Etsy was aware of the situation within a week, but rather as a firie of the man, she met with lawyers, reported the Post, citing E-Mails.

The E-Mails revealed that Etsy has a meeting with Cain, who has a detailed description of the alleged sexual harassment and abuse that have taken place throughout the year 2014.

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Rpt: Clinton ignored accused of calling fire aide, harassment

According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton shielded Advisor burns Strider faith, after co-worker accused him of sexual harassment; the reaction and analysis on ‘the Five.’

But Baker remained on the Etsy staff for three months, and even accompanied them to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 25, 2016.

He sent an E-Mail on Aug. 12 announcement of his departure.

Documents, the the Etsy The Post further reveals that after his departure, Baker received a letter with the recommendation, several are subject to professional confidentiality, the reasons for the leave and a severance payment of $5,000.


Congressional candidate accused of sexual harassment

Etsy debates of the letter of recommendation saying it was “limited” and added that she was forced to sign and NDA, the office of the house Council of employment, the burn Baker delayed claims.

A spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Chris Martin, issued a statement slamming Etsy for “orchestrating one of the most disturbing Washington cover-ups in recent memory,” and ask for their resignation, reported the hill.

To terminate an editorial in The ” Hartford Courant as for Etsy.

“Woman Etsy had every opportunity — and every responsibility — to suspend, at least, Mr. Baker on the spot and hold him accountable for his behavior. Instead, they went with the script, the camouflaged sexual assault and sexual harassment in Congress for decades. She is complicit.”

To be feeling the pressure from Republicans to the bottom, Etsy released a statement on Facebook on Thursday, apologised for “failing to protect” Cain.

You apologized to the young fellow and said that it is true, your “responsibility”, “equality and justice.”

“Equality and fairness are values that I held long before I came to Congress. I am now in the Congress, it is my responsibility to lead an office that is not only safe, but keeps these values and respects employees and their work for the people of the 5. Constituency,” the statement read.

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