Democratic debates might be boring: A lot, in search of a breakthrough

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‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the likelihood that the first round of the presidential debates between the democratic candidates could, in the end is boring. Due to the time constraints imposed by the 10 candidates on a stage, there is not much real debate, how many of you introduce, the white to the public little or nothing about them.

Some Democrats and liberal activists are concerned that the first round of the presidential debates starts tonight, could be in a circular firing squad.

The concern is that with crowded stadiums, and so many candidates desperate for a breakthrough, the events in a series of personal attacks designed to spread virally.


I think it is equally likely that the debates, which is a snooze fest. The time restrictions, the 10 candidates on a stage will not allow for much discussion, and many of them will still be in the public knows little or nothing about them.

And with MSNBC hosts, including Rachel Maddow, the questions, the focus likely to be on the policy, and not an effort by the Democrats to pummel each other

The presidential candidate has the most to lose in the upcoming Democratic debate?

Campaign strategist John Thomas weighs in on ‘Fox & friends First.’

A simple prediction: The media play a huge role in the Declaration of the winners and losers.

This is less true, in a one-to-one debate, but with 20 candidates, fielding questions for over four hours, will effect the action a soft-focus, and many Americans have either missed the meetings or captured, only a part of them.

About the prognosis, the clips on TV so chooses, the endless playback (and the traction on-line) is the Form of perception is the result of long after the politicians get from the Miami Phase.


And even at the beginning of the debates don’t matter. Four years ago, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, with the original author of the health had a calculated plan, which he contemptuously called “Obamneycare.” But in a debate, the Minnesota Governor whiffed, key questions, about the it with a mealy-mouthed statement that he quotes only, Obama. The press closed Pawlenty was not a blow to deliver, and he will fall soon dropped out of the race.

The media verdict this week is heavily influenced by the experts of the own preferences. And if you want to know how the press, the treatment of the top Democratic contenders heading into the televised showdowns, check out the latest coverage.

Critics doubt Joe Biden’s electability

The democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, maintains lead in the polls despite a series of campaign controversies; reaction and analysis from Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov, and Luke Thompson, National Review post.

Joe Biden continues to be a significant gap between the media’s low opinion of his candidacy and the way he is received in his (limited) appearances on the track.

Politically, recognizes, especially, by showing a survey that, for him, with 38 percent approval:

“Joe Biden is too touch-friendly the of women in the MeToo era should be was toxic to his presidential campaign. Critics have said that his flip-flop on subsidized abortions, which would show how deep the connection he had with the modern Democratic party.


“The recent controversy buffeting his campaign, his statements about his collaboration with Dixiecrat segregation ists, if you served in the U.S. Senate, more than 40 years ago — has chewed through cycles of news of the last week.

“But none of it seems to be standing damaged in the race.”

The reason: in a Politically/Morning Consult poll, after hearing what Biden said about the cooperation with the racial segregation of the senators, “said 41 percent of likely primary voters, it would make no difference to them, and 29 percent said they would rather vote for him. Only 18 percent said they would be less likely to vote for him.” The split was similar to that of black voters.

President Trump trolls Joe Biden about the lack of Obama-endorsement

Trump doubt Biden didn’t ask whether Obama is for the consent; reaction and analysis on ‘the Five.’

I love the passive voice of this sentence:

“Much of the conventional wisdom has been wrong so far about Biden— that his best days in the polls his first as a candidate, that he will not be able to raise enough money to compete, he was too moderate, too old or too white for the modern democratic party.”

And who propagated that CW? The media, in story after story after story.


But Biden still holds a 2-to-1 lead over his closest rivals, as he did two months ago.

Liberal Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, who says against Biden nomination for ideological reasons, the voters on the trail, don’t ask flap about the racial segregation-and other media-centric controversies. But she says, in essence, he’s lost his fastball:

“See Biden on the stump, often feels not like watching an actor who can remember his lines. Even if you have no support from him, it is not difficult to feel anxious in his name … His performance is nerve-wracking.”

Stirewalt to Sanders, Warren on election campaign

Stirewalt to Sanders, Warren

Compare this now with the warm embrace of Elizabeth Warren, which is already the subject of a glowing profile in The New York Times Magazine (and New York), and now gets another Times piece about growing up in Oklahoma and in the debate club:

“She was competitive, and the extraordinary focus and self-discipline had to practice for hours after school every day … It has been over 50 years since that time, and Liz herring has Elizabeth Warren, one of the 24 women and men vying for the democratic party nomination for the presidency.

“Your cruel command of the details on a debate stage once you earned a college scholarship. Now she’s ready to play, the skill in town halls across the country, and on Wednesday in the Democratic National Committee, the first debate for the election in 2020.”


For Bernie, he is portrayed as in trouble, as in this Washington Post strategy piece:

“The Bernie Sanders campaign, in front of a new challenge, the rise of Elizabeth Warren, now a careful, if sometimes embarrassing strategy.”

The debates can be a shift in the media handicapping, but unless there are fireworks there, probably not much.

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