Democrat ‘Purple Heart’ remark in Strzok hear spurs veterans plan protest March

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Rep. Cohen told Strzok, he deserves a Purple heart

Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee, says the Republican attacks on the anti-Trump, FBI agents are trying to undermine the Russian-fixing investigation.

Some veterans in Tennessee say they are planning a protest March to one of the members of Congress comment this week, the beleaguered FBI agent Peter Strzok a Purple worthy of the heart for a permanent house panel grilling over accusations of bias against President Donald Trump.

Sean Higgins, an Air Force veteran from Memphis, the leadership in the coming March, the Tennessean reported. Higgins told the paper that many components of the Democratic U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen “pissed as hell” according to Cohen said deserves Strzok, as a military award.

“How do you compare someone wounded in battle to get someone in trouble for the message he sent? As Cohen (Strzok) can you get a Purple heart for that?” Higgins said.

Memphis-veteran blasts Rep. Steve Cohen ‘s Purple Heart remarks as an” insult to every service member.’ Cohen said today he regretted his words and to speak meant “methaphorically’ via @tennessean

— Yihyun Jeong (@yihyun_jeong) July 13, 2018

The Purple Heart is normally awarded to members of the U.S. military, wounded in combat or posthumously to those killed in the battle.

“How do you compare someone wounded in battle to get someone in trouble for the message he sent?”

– Sean Higgins, a US Air Force veteran

Cohen, 69, defended Strzok, who was questioned on Thursday on Capitol Hill about a series of anti-Trump-text-messages he sent to his former colleague and lover, Lisa page, in the research of the Russian election meddling and Hillary Clinton the E-Mail server.

“If I could give you a Purple heart, I would,” Cohen said Strzok, accused his GOP colleagues of trying to undermine Strzok and Special Counsel Robert Müller Russia probe.

Higgins said in March that 30 veterans have committed so far, including the army veteran Darien price of Memphis, told the paper he was “entranced” by Cohen’s statement.

“It is disrespectful to those alive, the bear, the Purple Heart, but especially for families who lost loved ones, fought for this country.”

– Darien price, army veteran

“It is disrespectful to those alive, the bear, the Purple Heart, but especially for families who lost loved ones, for this country,” said price, who was denied his Purple heart to Cohen’s office stepped in. “Really sad.”

– Active staff Sergeant Johnny “Joey” Jones, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who won a Purple Heart after losing both legs and suffering other permanent injuries in an improvised explosive device (IED) Explosion in Afghanistan, told “Fox & Friends” on Friday, Cohen’s remarks “shameful.”

Following public outcry, Cohen backpedaled on his remarks during a joint hearing on Friday.

“I regret to mention, the Purple Heart medal during yesterday’s hearing,” said Cohen. “My intention was, to speak metaphorically, a larger point to attacks against the FBI and Special Counsel to Mueller’s investigation of a Russian attack on our country.

I regret to mention, the Purple Heart medal at yesterday’s hearing. My intention was, to speak metaphorically, and to make a wider point re:attacks on Müller ‘ s is one of the investigation about the attacks on our country,but I have from vets and their families–wrong word choice.https://t. co/FsEuSLjIwd

— Steve Cohen (@RepCohen) July 13, 2018

“I have nothing but the highest respect for members of the armed forces, especially those who were awarded Purple Hearts, as well as the hard-working men and women of the FBI. We are safe because of your service and sacrifice,” he said.

Higgins, a former VA hospital employees in Memphis, told the Tennessean he had tried before, the cooperation with Cohen for years in the efforts to improve the hospital conditions, before it publicly blows the whistle.

Higgins, who had reported problems in the VA since he, in the year 2007, was dismissed from his office for the third time in June 2017, and is appealing the firing, WREG-TV reported in Memphis. He won his first two kills and was hired back each time.

Of the March, but also in protest against the VA hospital the treatment of veterans, was not given a date.

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