Dementia remains the biggest cause of death in the Netherlands

Dementia remains the biggest cause of death in the Netherlands

Dementia was also in 2016, the leading cause of death in the Netherlands, with more than fifteen thousand cases. The number of deaths from dementia increases mainly among men.

This turns out Wednesday from preliminary figures of the Central Bureau for Statistics, which only examine the facts and not the causes. According to the researchers, is dementia more common as people get older.

The number of deaths due to dementia last year increased by 7 percent compared to 2015. The increase is especially great among men, with a whopping 11 percent. In men is dementia with more than five thousand deaths after lung cancer the most common cause of death.

Dementia is more common in women than men because in the oldest age group, more women sit. With more than ten thousand deaths true dementia for the female population as the main cause of death. According to figures of the CBS, the number of cases here, with 5 per cent.

Lung cancer

After dementia, the most people died from the consequences of lung cancer, followed by strokes, heart failure, COPD, colon cancer, acute infarctions, fall, breast cancer and pneumonia. The difference between dementia and lung cancer is getting smaller and smaller.

Especially the number of deaths due to a fall increased compared to a year earlier. This is also according to the CBS link to the fact that people get older. For more than 3.300 people was a val in 2016, the cause of death.

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