Dementia in 2040 is expected to be the main cause of death

Dementia in 2040 is expected to be the main cause of death

Dementia in 2040 is expected to be the main cause of death in the Netherlands. The number of people that died as a result grows over the next 23 years, probably from 14,000 to nearly 40,000, according to a Wednesday published survey of the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

The increase of mortality by the ouderdomsziekte is partly due to the ageing population. At the same time going for the coming years are expected to be less people dead from the consequences of heart disease and cancer.

The health institution did also provides that age-related diseases as joint disorders, diabetes and facial and hearing disorders to considerably increase.

For example, the number of people with osteoarthritis in 2040 is expected to be almost doubled to 1.2 million people. The number of people with at least one chronic condition, rising from 8.5 million to nearly 10 million.

“However, we feel in 2040 as healthy as it is today, and we experience more restrictions in our activities. The proportion of older people that feel healthy even take. This is also true for the percentage that is not limited”, the RIVM on the basis of the continuation of historical trends.

Cost of care

The RIVM calculated that the expenditure in care annually, with an average of 2.9 percent will grow. This will double the spending to 174 billion in 2040. This increase is for one-third by population growth and ageing and for two third by technology and prosperity.

The expenditure on cancer will increase the hardest. This growth is almost entirely attributable to technological developments, such as new medication.

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