Demand for shark fins collapsed in each other

The eating of shark fins in China and other Asian countries were long seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth, but that attitude is changing today. That suggests a new report from the American animal rights organisation WildAid.

A Chinese restaurant serves haaivinnensoep © REUTERS

Shark fin soup is in China and other Asian countries is not only a traditional dish at weddings, it is also a symbol of wealth and luxury. Because by the rising well-being over the past years more and more people feel the luxury could afford, were becoming more and more sharks being killed for consumption, an estimated one hundred million per year – of which 73 million just for the fins. That made it partly for that some shark populations in the past fifteen years, with a staggering 98 percent pre-shrunk.

The eager consumption of shark fins is, therefore, long been a thorn in the eye of nature – and animal protection organizations. The American organisation WildAid is also pleased to announce that a turnaround seems to be used: according to her research, based on handelsverslagen, nieuwsartikels, interviews and online surveys, the sale of the fins are starting to fall.

A fourth of the sharks threatened

In the Chinese city of Guangzhou, which is seen as a centre for the haaienvinnenhandel, is the sale according to data from WildAid in the past two years has decreased by 82 percent. Whether that figure is absolutely correct , is unclear – other figures of fifty to seventy percent, but it is certain that the consumer is becoming less and less interested. The report cites the animal rights organisation also a wholesaler, which states that the ‘haaienvinnensector a fading trade.

In addition to the work of countless organisations and a growing awareness of the importance of healthy oceans, there is still a reason for the decline in interest in what was once a delicacy it was. So decided to the Chinese government a few years ago, the corruption within their own ranks to address and to save on unnecessary costs. Since 2012 it is also forbidden the shark fin soup to serve on staatsgebeurtenissen. An important signal, especially now that a fourth of the sharks are globally threatened with extinction.

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