Delta passenger sues airline claims the crew did not hold passenger who sexually assaulted her on the flight

The 23-year-old woman says Delta’s crew also served the man, up to eight alcoholic beverages in the course of two hours.


A 23-year-old woman from California has filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines claiming that they do not detain a passenger who sexually assaulted her on a flight earlier this year.

Delany Luh, the founder of the clothing brand, I’m Much, claims she was attacked by a drunken male passenger on a 16 June flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. In a lawsuit filed by Knoxville-based attorney James Friauf, Luh claims the man was served between six and eight alcoholic drinks within the span of a few hours, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.


According to the lawsuit, Luh claims to be the perpetrator became more “bizarre and intimidating” during the flight, the dialogue with her in conversation about his marriage. At one point she says that he did also make a call to a fake woman named “Molly” to discuss how Luh was not “nice” to him, and then made derogatory comments about Luh the fictional friend for Luh to hear, according to the complaint.

Luh claims she also tried the notice of the crew “without the obvious” the male passenger, by shooting the flight attendant a “concerned look,” the News Sentinel reports.

Luh says she tried to avoid the man, until they finally fell asleep, only the “startled awake by an abrupt discomfort in her vaginal area,” and the testimony of the man’s hand in her pants and digitally penetrate her vagina.”

Luh the lawsuit claims she jumped from her seat and over the opponent — that sitting in the aisle and tries to draw her attention to his visible erection, but before you go to the back of the aircraft to alert a flight attendant of the man of actions.


Luh was reseated, and believed that the carrier would contact the authorities about her complaint, the News Sentinel reports. Instead, she states that the airline allowed the Perpetrator to leave the aircraft without incident or the consequences for his horrible actions,” per the complaint.

When speaking about the incident in a series of now-deleted tweets in July, Luh also said Delta of the crew told her that she would “handle the situation” at the landing. She also said that she got a $200 voucher as compensation when they complained after allegedly not.

Delta has now released a statement to Fox News, where she wrote Luh on the height of a Delta agent of the incident “after deplaning.”

“The safety and security of our customers is our top priority and we do not tolerate harassment or assault of a passenger by another. After deplaning, Mrs. Luh first on the height of a Delta agent that she had the wrong hit on the leg by another passenger. Delta immediately reported the incident to local and federal law enforcement is for the treatment, and our understanding of the case was not pursued.

“Delta is aware of Mrs. Luh’s lawsuit and we intend to vigorously oppose it.”

A representative for the Los Angeles World Airports police told Fox News in July that the police do not respond to reports of inappropriate touching on the flight, and an encounter with the victim, and a Delta representative in terms of the arrival.

“Airport Police reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and conducted a conversation with the reporting party. An initial investigation was completed and no arrests were made,” a representative for the Los Angeles Airport Police confirmed in July.


Airport police also told Fox News that the Delta is not in touch with them before the plane’s arrival, and not to hold of the suspect. However, the police says the airline would not have had the authority to detain someone against their will, in contrast to the police.

Luh is reportedly looking for $6 million dollars in damages — $1 million in compensatory, $5 million in punitive — in her lawsuit, according to the News Sentinel.

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