Delta passenger claims man sexually assaulted her on the flight, but was not detained: ‘I was left devastated’

Delany Luh claimed she woke up midflight to find a male passenger with his hands down her leggings.


A 23-year-old woman from Castaic, Calif., is blaming Delta Air Lines not to detain a passenger who allegedly “violated” and sexually abused her midflight.

Delany Luh says the alleged incident on a flight from St. Paul, Minn., in Los Angeles on June 16.

On June 16, I was sexually assaulted on a @delta flight from Chicago to LA. I was in the middle seat next to each other, by two men who I did not know. I ended up falling asleep and woke up in a drunk man with his hands down my legs.

— DelanyLuh (@DelanyLuh) 20 July 2018

According to the details shared by Luh on Twitter, she was rudely awakened about two hours into the flight, when the male passenger next to her, laid his hands along her leggings.

“This man violated me and put his hands in my pants while I was sleeping, Luh later told KTLA of the incident.


A post shared by ✖️DelanyLuh✖️ (@d_luh) on Jul 7, 2018 at 8:22am PDT

After a brief moment of shock, Luh told KTLA she began to shout at the man to stop. She claims that she demanded he move, so she could exit her office, but he refused and made her climb over him.

Once on the back of the plane, Luh said she found a flight attendant and reported the behavior of the male passenger, who she claims had been drinking.

“I picked her up, and I hugged her, and I looked her in the eyes and said,” Please, please, help me,” she told KTLA.

In a state of panic, I freaked out and started crying to the stewards attention. Once I calmed down, she changed my seat for the rest of the 2 hours left and told me that they would deal with the situation when we landed.

— DelanyLuh (@DelanyLuh) 20 July 2018

Luh was reseated elsewhere for the duration of the flight.

She wrote on Twitter that the crew told her that she would “handle the situation” at the landing. Instead, ” Luh claimed on Twitter that Delta allowed the man — who she described as “Is” leave without being detained.

In the end all @delta did was gave me a weak $200 voucher which is not even in my flight cost to get to my destination. Police officers arrived at the place where I told them what had happened and she explained that @delta is not according to the correct protocol for this incident.

— DelanyLuh (@DelanyLuh) 20 July 2018

“I was left, humiliated, hurt, scared and filled with fear,” she wrote on Twitter. In another tweet containing a picture of a $200 voucher she said that she was seen as compensation, ” Luh said that the police arrived shortly thereafter and told her that Delta is “not to follow the correct protocol for this incident” to let him go.

A representative for the Los Angeles World Airports police was not immediately available for comment on this claim.


Delta, meanwhile, has issued a statement in which the airline confirms it is investigating the incident and trying to follow-up with Luh for more information.

“The safety and security of our customers is our top priority,” the airline said in a statement obtained by Fox News. “The behavior of another passenger described by Ms. Luh on her last flight is unacceptable. The incident is reported to local and federal law enforcement shortly after the plane landed. We have reached out to Ms. Luh for more information about this incident.”

Delta also reached Luh on Twitter on Friday, and they sent them to contact her lawyer.

“I tell you all this as if it was to ever happen to anyone else please stand up [and] USE YOUR VOICE,” she continued on Twitter. “I Had more of a struggle for myself would have probably not walked away a free man while I left devastated that nothing could be done. Don’t let society and fear keep you silent.”

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