Delta flight to divert hundreds of miles because the passengers have to ‘really bad’

The Delta pilots needed to relieve of “urban pressure” after the plane of the bathrooms stopped working.


We’ve all been there: the Need to “really bad”, without a toilet in sight. The situation got a little more uncomfortable for passengers on a typical 6-hour Delta flight from New York City to Seattle on Saturday evening, which was forced to an unscheduled pit stop — or “potty break,” as the Billings Gazette puts in Billings, Montana.

The Boeing 757 was to divert about 200 km after the toilets stopped working and the passengers, in principle, could not keep hold of the rest of the way. They apparently had to go so bad, by a Delta incident report, that when they found no port available in Billings Logan International Airport, the plane taxied to a cargo area.

A rolling staircase was used to folders in need to deplane quickly, and “lighting of the built-up pressure,” according to the Delta report.

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The Aviation Herald reports the flight landed in Billings about 30 minutes after the decision was made to head there, and the plane did not continue with the trip and for three hours, for a total delay of 3.5 hours.

(In related news, this woman suffered just about the most unfortunate bathroom incident in the history.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: “Flyers Need to Go Really Bad,’ Airplane to Divert Hundreds of Miles.”

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