Delft professor receives award of 250,000 euros for magneetkoelkast

Delft professor receives award of 250,000 euros for magneetkoelkast

Photo: TU Delft

Professor Ekkes Brück from TU Delft will receive a prize of 250,000 euros for his research into ‘magnetocalorische’ materials. These can be used in environmentally-conscious magneetkoelkasten.

The price was in October 2016 already Brück granted and is Tuesday, on him handed over.

Magnetocalorische materials heat up in a magnetic field and cool down again when they leave the field. In 2015 stood Brück is head of research of a special alloy that makes it easier this magnetic cooling.

The material and the alloy can technology be used to achieve special, magnetic refrigerators to develop. These refrigerators use no harmful gases and consume less energy. They also make less noise.

Brück tells that he the money to a new candidate. “It’s nice to study”, says the professor. “I need to see who exactly I will take it.”

Financial crisis

At the time would a Chinese manufacturer is already working on a refrigerator that the technique of Brück. This would soon be on the market should appear.

Still think the professor that studied the cooling technology is still very few companies will be used. “In the near future, it will be a niche keep. Someone from a company has me once told that it is faster to use would be if the financial crisis there never had been.”

How it works the eco-conscious magneetkoelkast

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