Defiant ship, the results of the FBI-original-Russia, probe holds not known ‘yet’, in spite of Mueller statements

nearvideo Republicans confront the ship’s in House Intelligence Committee hearing with resignation demand

The nine Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee a letter calling for the resignation of the Democrat chair Adam Schiff about his repeated claims by the Trump-Russia arrangement after the release of the Mueller report.

Facing calls from Republicans to step down over his “collusion” claims, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Thursday maintained that there is still much to learn, which began after the end of the Robert-Müller-Russia-investigation—a shift of focus on the original FBI counterintelligence probe, with the everything.

A summary of the Mueller report was released by attorney General Bill Barr over the weekend and announced that after an extensive investigation, which lasted almost two years, the special counsel, no evidence of collusion between members of the Trump campaign, and the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.


But while some version of Müller ‘ s report is likely to in the near future, ship, D-Calif., suggested during a Committee hearing on Thursday that the most important information from the original counter-espionage-initiated investigation, the former FBI Director, James Comey.

“We do not yet know the outcome of the counter-espionage investigations, led by Comey and Mueller,” the ship said in his opening statement. “It is not clear, discuss whether or to what extent, the Müller report, the office of the public Prosecutor’s decisions, is counterintelligence insights.”

He added: “But the counterintelligence concerns that animated the study in the first place can ultimately have a more profound impact on our safety and our policy, and we therefore expect the publication of the Miller report.”

The comments come as all Republicans on the Committee called on the ship Thursday to resign as Chairman of the claims about its repeated, you have evidence of collusion. “Your actions in the past and the present are not specified to be compatible with your duty as Chairman of this Committee,” their letter to the ship. “We have no confidence in their ability to discharge their duties in accordance with their Constitutional responsibility and call for your immediate resignation as Chairman of this Committee.”

A day earlier, the ship told The Daily Beast, he has indicated that negotiations with the intelligence community to get answers about the Müller-examination of the results and, according to reports that the FBI counterintelligence probe, which is to go in the Müller-examination could continue.

“At this point, we do not know whether the counterintelligence findings may be part of the Mueller report,” Schiff told The Daily Beast. “We have discussions with the intelligence community to ensure that we receive what is to be found in the counterintelligence investigation, or whether [the investigation] is not yet complete.”

The FBI declined to comment to Fox News on the question of whether the initial counterintelligence probe conducted by the Bureau, ongoing, or completed.

The FBI’s first counterintelligence probe began in the summer of 2016 and was to internally as the “Crossfire Hurricane.”

Former FBI Council Lisa page said during a transcribed interview with the House Judiciary Committee last year that the FBI had only a “lack” of evidence at the beginning of the investigation. The page also said that the FBI “knew so little” about whether the allegations against the Trump campaign were “true or not true” at this time.


President Trump, this week, promised to release the complete and unredacted Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants and the related documents used by the FBI probe of his campaign, and former campaign aide Carter page.

Redacted versions of the FISA documents, which have already been published, revealed the FBI relied extensively on documents from ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who worked for the Fusion of GPS, a company hired by Hillary Clinton to compile campaign and the Democratic National Committee opposition research on Trump. The FBI was based to get on a lot of Steele’s work, the guards are guaranteed to Carter page.

“I have plans to declassify and release. I have night plans for you to absolutely release it,” Trump said in an exclusive interview on “Hannity” Tuesday. “I have to work some very talented people for me, lawyers, and you really don’t want me to do it too early. … A lot of people, wanted this to me a long time. I’m glad I did it. We got a great result without having to do it, but we will. One of the reasons that my lawyers didn’t want me to do it, said she, if I do it, they call it a form of disability.”

Trump added: “at The right time, we will absolutely release it.”

Fox News Gregg Re contributed to this report.

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