Defense VS pays 28.000 euro to hacker for vulnerability

Defense VS pays 28.000 euro to hacker for vulnerability

Photo: 123RF

The Us department of Defense has in the past month, eighty hackers and researchers hired to the private systems under the microscope. The hackers and researchers were given money for the found vulnerabilities.

One of them received $ 30,000 (about 28.000 euro) for a detected vulnerability. That was the highest amount. How much in total is paid out, is not published.

The system that the hackers had to attack, is the ‘file transfer mechanism. That is used to covert documents to send within the Pentagon and with people outside the ministry.

The program began on January 11, and stopped last week. The project leader had expected it would take one week for the first vulnerability was found, but after a few hours came the first of the light. That writes the news agency Bloomberg.

The hackers had no access to the actual networks of the Pentagon. They had to make do with a testkopie. That was in addition extra secure, to prevent enemies using the computers of the hackers could snoop in the systems of the Pentagon.

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