Defense Department official says the Pentagon will receive calls from the industry, ” according to the holding of the Ukraine-help

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To appear to GOP legislators call for the Ukraine whistleblower, Hunter Biden, and chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports from the North lawn.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper testified last month that the Pentagon officials began calls from the industry” — received “, apparently referring to private companies, the delivery of weapons and military hardware to the government-after President Trump initiated a hold on military assistance to Ukraine in the beginning of this year.

The revelation came in a copy of Cooper’s closed door. Oct. 23 deposition released Monday by house Democrats as part of your prosecution’s request, the concerns of the commentators asked, that the self-destructive elements of the Russian probe has been replaced.

“As Russia gate, Ukraine gate liberals in the Cold war designs of dangerous hawks and neocons registered,” tweeted the journalist Aaron Mate.

In addition, Cooper testified that the Trump administration had pushed the Ukraine issue in a public statement to deny all the efforts of the US elections affect-but Cooper stopped short of saying the officials wanted a reference to Joe and Hunter Biden, the shops in the country.

Previous statements in the investigation has suggested that the White house set properly under pressure, to imply the Ukraine, the three-piece is open to the public. The former US envoy to the Ukraine with Kurt Volker, had noticed, for example, that European Union envoy Gordon Sondland and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has worked with top Ukrainian helper, a reference to the Biden-linked-Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.

But Cooper said that on Aug. 20, Volker met with her-and not to mention the idea of the three-piece seem to come.

“At this meeting, he had mentioned something to me, you know, it was on the first, somehow, an effort that he was engaged, to see if there is a statement that the government of Ukraine would make that would disavow somehow interfering in the US elections, and would undertake the prosecution of all those involved, said in election disorders”, Cooper. “And that was about as specific as it got.”

Cooper’s statement was made public as house Democrats on Monday also transcripts of interviews with Christopher Anderson, a career foreign service officer in the State Department, and Catherine Croft, a Ukraine expert at the State Department, published. Croft testified that they speculated that Trump would be willing to meet to shift the Ukraine to violate the policy, the candidacy of Biden, and that the news of a holdup, of the Ukraine aid “blown up” a State Department.


Croft, in her address, said that the Office of Management and Budget had “reported that the White house chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, had placed an informal hold on security assistance to the Ukraine. The only reason for this was that it came in the direction of the President.”

Separately, Cooper testified to Ministry of defence concerns that Trump keep the temporary return of military aid to Ukraine may have been illegal.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper, left, on Capitol Hill on Oct. 30. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, file)

“I’m not an expert on the law, but in this meeting immediately members began, concerns about how this could be done in a legal way because it is a broad understanding in the meeting that the promotion of the state Department of Finance in connection with the provision of the for the Ukraine and that the DOD funding was specifically for the Ukraine security assistance” Cooper testified, with respect to a 23. July a meeting of the national security of the officials. “The comments in the members” – level, reflects a feeling that it is not true, an understanding of how this could play legally, and in this session, the members, look into the laws and see what was possible.”

The laws probably the topic of “attachment” to the requirement that the President spend had either the money or to “seize” it. The White house has come out against a seizure notice if it released the funds for the Ukraine.

Furthermore, says Cooper, officials of the Ministry of defence were concerned that Trump would weaken the decision, a “strategic partner”.

“I mean, so is the DOD concerned about the obligation of the Fund,” she said. “Policy, my team, we were also concerned about any signal would we send to the Ukraine a wavering in our commitment. … You try to negotiate a peace with Russia, and if you are seen as weak, and not to negotiate when you are seen, the support of the United States for their armed forces, it makes it much more difficult for you, a peace the terms of which are good for Ukraine.”

She added: “My impression is that all the senior leaders of the national security of the United States-departments and agencies, all were United in their view that this assistance was necessary, and they tried to find ways to engage the President on this.”

Croft, meanwhile, said house investigator, “If the public in Ukraine would make it as a reversal of our policy, and would only say, so-to-speak candidly and colloquially, that would be a really great thing, it would be a really great thing in the Ukraine, and an expression of the decreasing US support for Ukraine.”


Ukraine had fulfilled to obtain all of the required benchmarks, the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, the funding, Cooper, the legislator said. In may of this year, said Cooper, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, John Rood “provided that a certification to Congress, but that was after consultation with the State Department.”


Cooper also said the investigators, you could be a “very strong inference” that the Ukraine was aware in August that the Trump was in administration, which is published on the financial support shortly before the aid was in September. The Ukraine, aid was temporarily suspended in August-two weeks before the White House released, Politico reported.

“It is my conclusion, Yes, would have been a very strong inference, that it testified to some knowledge on the part of Ukrainians,” Cooper. She called the aid of the suspension, which came without an explanation for your knowledge, “unusual.”

Military assistance to Ukraine, Cooper further testified, was not relevant to U.S. national security interests.


“Ukraine and Georgia are the two front-line States facing Russian aggression,” said Cooper. “In order to deter further Russian aggression, we need to be able to support this country, defend the skills to. That is, I think, plain and simple, the reasons for our strategy, the support of these countries. It is to deter Russian aggression elsewhere in the world.”is in our best interest

Trump suggested in his July call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, the country to investigate, Joe and Hunter Biden shops there, after it emerged that Joe Biden, former Vice President and current 2020 presidential candidate, had put Ukraine under pressure to fire top Prosecutor, while Hunter Biden held a lucrative role on the Board of a Ukrainian natural gas company. Zelensky said he felt no undue pressure during the conversation.

In a statement, top house Democrats, the charge request, performs noted that Cooper specified the testimony that Trump the Ukraine-policy angered some officials in the administration.


“Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper testified that President Trump, by the Office of Management and Budget, initiated the “freeze” hundreds of millions of dollars in critical military assistance for the Ukraine, against the decision of career officials of the Department of Defense, State Department, and other relevant institutions,” read the statement issued by house Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff from California, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel of New York and the Oversight Committee Chairperson Carolyn Maloney of New York.

“Cooper also said, in the committees that they expressed concerns, as well as other on several occasions, senior U.S. government officials on the legality of the withholding of congressionally authorized money, and the challenges that would delay the White house on spending,” the Democrats continued.

Fox News’ Mike Emanuel, Jared Halpern, Bill Mears, Sally people and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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