‘Decline in drug use among U.s. students”

‘Decline in drug use among U.s. students”

According to an annual survey of the American organization Monitoring the Future (MTF) use of young teenagers in America, less often, illegal drugs. There is also within this group, less alcohol and smoked tobacco.

In the annual study of MTF were this year 45.473 students surveyed from 372 schools. The research will be every year, pupils from group 8, 10 and 12 were interviewed. These groups are in the Netherlands equal to the second, fourth and sixth grade of secondary education.

The decrease is a trend that is already several years in the United States. In teenagers from group of 8 is the number of young people who used illegal drugs, the lowest since 1991, the year that the research under this group started.

An average of the past year in all groups a decrease in the use of weed. Only in the states where medicinal marijuana is legalized is, was an increase in students in group 12 were detected.


In addition to that students more responsible seem to be in the area of drugs, researchers that young teens are becoming wiser in dealing with alcohol and tobacco.

So is there less to the so-called bingedrinken made, whereby a large amount of alcohol within a short period of time is consumed, and consider pupils smoking more and more often as a negative habit.


MTF is the decline a positive development, but stresses that the results do not mean that education about drugs, alcohol and smoking less necessary.

“The decline of the use of various types of drugs among young people is certainly reassuring and important,” says researcher Lloyd D. Johnston. “But we need to remember that future cohorts of young people that the adolescentiefase reach also need to know that drug use is not a good choice. Otherwise, we risk a rise as we saw in the nineties.”

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