Deceased rapper Mac Miller has let in 11 million dollars to next of kin

The value of the estate of Mac Miller, who last year was killed after a drug overdose, it has been determined in more than 11 million dollars (9.9 million euros). For the money, and the goods shall be in accordance with TMZ will be distributed to his family and close friends.

In total, allows for the release of funds and property, with a value of 11.3 million us dollars (10.2 million euros) and after this, according to the documents.

Most of his personal possessions, such as jewelry, musical instruments, clothing, and electronics, to be distributed among his close friends. The $ 5 million dollars in his bank account is going to be a family.

Miller, a 26-year-old has been on september 7, 2018 and was found at his home in the San Fernando Valley in California. At the time, he was already dead.

Dutch had more problems with alcohol and / or drugs

Also, he had been with us for some time, have problems with alcohol and / or drugs. The problems would be worse once he was on his relationship with Ariana Grande in may and saw the beautiful beaches.

If damaged, the release of his car when he was in the vehicle at a verkeerspaal did. He had to leave, but then, at home, held, and proved to be up to twice the permitted amount of alcohol in his blood.

About two weeks ago, a drug dealer, who is Miller’s dirty drugs-it would have made a sensation. TMZ wrote that it is likely a formal complaint against the drug dealers, it will follow, that is tantamount to death by the drug trade. This will collect with the DEA at this point is more proof of that.

The dealer is stuck with no chance of bail, be released.

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