Deauville: accommodation in the atmosphere of the past in Normandy

The Normandy coastal town of Deauville, the jewel of the ‘Cote Fleurie’, shines again as usual.

The famous Promenade des Planches in Deauville © /

Who through the streets of Deauville, the fashionable seaside resort in the Calvados department in the heart of Normandy, go for a stroll, it will all smell and feel: the rich past of this small but renowned coastal city – Coco Chanel opened her very first boutique feel today, fresher than ever. Stately hotels, Normandy cottages, romantic villas, which since 2005 are protected as heritage, rays as usual. A lot of houses are also still in the works, what’s even more beautiful suggests.

The efforts of the city council has transformed to Deauville to protect from the dreaded ‘faded glory’, where some of the Normandy coastal towns to prey are cases, clearly have borne their fruit. The ‘chic old lady’ is now not only in the high season a pleasant place, but throughout the year there are activities in the field of tourism, of which the organisation of the G8 in 2011 for the time being the crown on the work was, art exhibitions, golf tournaments and polo and horse-riding events. Deauville is undeniably the city of the horse and the equestrian. There are two hippodrooms and throughout the year there are competitions.

All this make of Deauville an anomaly in the simple, rural Normandy. Here, drive Porches, and on the Place de Morny , and drink it as an aperitif before champagne instead of a Pommeau de Normandie.

Deauville was in 1860 founded, on the initiative of the duke of Morny, half brother of Napoleon III, next to the fishing village of Trouville across the river Touques. By the direct railway from Paris to Deauville, which in 1863 was opened, it grew the immense sandy beach of Deauville to the Parisian Riviera for the aristocracy.

Today it is the town with less than 4000 inhabitants, thanks to the endless sandy beach is also a resort for families with children has become, all love the city with its casino, horse racing, golf courses and luxeboetieks the fashionable flair of paramount importance. The high-rise that opinion other seaside resort mutilated, is here absent, and to cheap shops with ice cream and beach games, it is also far to search.

Deauville is also the attraction for a lot of hollywood stars each year in september, down for the American film festival. Many among them vereeuwigden their names on the fences of the Art Deco cabins on the famous Promenade des Planches along the beach. The name of Harvey Weinstein last year, however, soon out of the strandgeheugen deleted.

The nearby picturesque Trouville-sur-Mer with its narrow streets full of small fishermen’s cottages, it should be less of stateliness, but more of the atmosphere, authentic charm and gastronomy. Each day the docks the fishing boats in the mouth of the Touques with baking oysters, crabs and scallops that the fishermen themselves sell on the cosy local middagmarkt. You can make them ‘lively fresh’ tasting with of course a glass of champagne.

Residence Pierre et Vacances in Deauville

The latest area that are currently working on a resurrection, it is the peninsula between the sea, the Hotel and the centre of Deauville, close to the Pont des Belges. Here, the group Pierre & Vacances residence an elegant and luxurious vijfsterrenresidentie, the first on the Côte Fleurie, plonked with 133 apartments, from 2 to 4 rooms, each equipped with a spacious terrace or balcony.

The location is extremely attractive, near the marina, with view on the casino of Trouville, 300 metres from the train station and a 10-minute walk from the centres of Deauville and Trouville.

The architects were the design lead by the old character of Deauville. Also here was again the tradition of yesteryear honored with a design of timber frame buildings, typical for the region, which colours the spirit of the style of the 19th century calls. Showpiece of the residence, are the beautiful courtyard with indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

The apartments are spacious and bright, decorated with warm materials and feature loftdetails. The bleached shades and blue shades evoke the image of the coast and the black-and-white photos with remarkable beach fashion from the 20’s are again a nod to that glorious past. Like Coco Chanel there are still hops around…

Pierre & Vacances Premium Presqu’ile de la Touques

Rue Thiers, 14800 Deauville, France

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