Death toll in Texas as a result of hurricane Harvey had risen to sixty

Death toll in Texas as a result of hurricane Harvey had risen to sixty

The number of deaths as a result of hurricane Harvey in Texas has risen to sixty. The tropical storm, which is already almost a week over the Us state depends, caused in some areas still heavy rainfall.

There are also still areas under water.

On the coast, the hardest-hit part of the state, the residents have returned to their possessions and began the recovery. In many homes it is still a layer of water. Before that is gone and the remains are dried up, there is a lot of time has passed.

The damage from hurricane Harvey can come in at 150 to 180 billion dollars, converted is that between the 126 billion and 152 billion euros.


According to governor Greg Abbott of Texas, are the area and the group of people who have been affected by Harvey much higher than with the disaster with hurricane Katrina in 2005. The schadepost by Katrina was more than 120 billion dollars, according to Abbott.

President Donald Trump has the Congress to provide nearly $ 8 billion in emergency asked.


The most remarkable images of tropical storm Harvey

Million people

Harvey is the heaviest hurricane that Texas in half a century struck and caused enormous damage, with dozens of deaths. Especially in and around the city of Houston were great destructions caused, as a result of flooding. More than a million people were displaced. Besides Texas was also the state of Louisiana affected by Harvey.

According to Abbott, it will be a long road to Houston, the fourth largest city of the USA, again to rebuild, plus the entire area where Harvey managed. The mayor of Houston had to know that progress is being made with the cleanup of the damage, the resumption of services and the help of people in shelters.

Although it stopped raining, there are in Houston still areas where the water is dangerously high. There are still people being rescued by the floods stuck.

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