Death toll from the demonstrations in India, it runs on a 1,500 arrests

In the ongoing demonstrations in India over the past ten days, nineteen people have died and a thousand people are held. Thousands of protesters are on the streets it was going to be about their feelings, to express themselves on a law, which is islamic, undocumented migrants are not entitled to citizenship.

The Indian government has adopted the disputed act, on the 11th of december. Since then, going to be dissatisfied the citizens of India take to the streets. It’s the most violent protests in India since the end of 2014, when the hindoenationalistische Narendra Modi prime minister, it was. On Friday alone there were already half a dozen people to live in. Hundreds of policemen and demonstrators were injured during the demonstrations.

According to the government, the law will not be repealed. A number of local governments of the German länder, says that the implementation of the law in their area of the world’s people.

In order for the class to suppress, the government has taken a number of measures. Thus, there is a curfew in force, and according to the activists, the police have the homes occupied. Also laid out the government’s mobile network in various parts of the country is flat.

Prime minister Modi has on Saturday met with the ministers of safety and to discuss them, reported news agency Reuters.

89Politie fire tear gas on protesters in India

14 per cent of the Indian population is muslim

The protesters found the new law is not clear, and the secular character of the Indian constitution are affected. The act makes it easier for non-muslims, and the Indian nationality to apply. 14 per cent of the Indian population is muslim.

This level was once higher, but now both India and Pakistan of each other and were separated in 1947, there has been a mass migration took place.

The tensions between Indian muslims and hindus-have been in the past few months have worsened due to several decisions of the hindoenationalistische by the government. The President, Modi took away the autonomous status of Pakistan in the disputed state of Kashmir, and the government has ordered a hindu temple to build for the Indian muslims is a sensitive area.

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