Death toll due to floods in South Asia rises to 200

Death toll due to floods in South Asia rises to 200

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In Nepal, Bangladesh and India, the number of deaths as a result of heavy rainfall. This week certainly two hundred people died, rescuers Tuesday.

In Nepal, the death toll had risen to 115. The victims were killed by floods or landslides that occurred as a result of the rainfall. There are still 38 people missing and many people are stuck in their houses that are flooded.

“These people have nothing to eat. The residents for the water fled, sometimes not even clothes,” says a spokesperson of the Nepalese government. How many People for the water on the flight have been captured, is not known.

Bangladesh and India

In the north of Bangladesh have 500,000 people to leave their homes. They are cared for in camps. In the floods that have affected, are certainly 39 people were killed.

The government fears that the flooding will increase, because also in India, the rivers significant aangezwollen by the monsoon. That water will continue downstream and, if in the densely-populated northern part of Bangladesh end up in.

Since Sunday, more than six million people in flood-affected in India, according to the rescue team. The natural disaster mainly affects the northern province of Bihar, where 56 people have died. In the area there are two million people evacuated. In addition, many residents by helicopter, taken from their homes.

In the state of Assam, in northeast India, are a further fifteen people died.

The Indian institute for metereologie predicts more rain for Wednesday, by the monsoon. The rainy season in South-east Asia begins in June. The phenomenon is crucial for the agriculture in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, but the flood makes every year for many victims and damage.


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