Death toll cyclone Idai in Mozambique runs on, half a million people homeless

The death toll in Mozambique by the cyclone Idai has risen to 446. The homes of a half million people are fully or partly demolished; 110,000 residents are now accommodated in camps, reports an anonymous senior official Sunday.

The are preliminary figures; the UN warned Saturday that the size and the damage of the disaster in South-east Africa can only be estimated when the flooded regions dry.

“We will have to wait until the water recedes to the full extent, and the death toll to be able to determine,” said the organization. Thousands of Mozambikanen are enclosed by the high water.

Due to the huge rains the rivers burst their banks came into being. The united nations has on Saturday warned that the risk of more flooding is still high. “The Buzi river and the Zambezi river are threatening once again to overflow and the water enters the lower city of Beira,” said a UN spokesman.


Aerial shots show a flooded city in Mozambique

Cholera broke out in Mozambique

The water can rise to as much as 8 metres, reported the Disaster Emergencies Committee (DEC) previously. This allows the 350,000 inhabitants of the city was in danger. Also Malawi and Zimbabwe are affected by Idai.

Friday, the International Committee of the Red Cross that the infectious disease cholera has broken out. Also see auxiliary organizations, an increase in the number of malaria infections.

Cholera is spread through water and food that is infected with feces. In particular, in areas where there are no working sanitary facilities, spreading the disease quickly.

The disease leads to severe diarrhea, causing dehydration occurs. Within a few hours can an infected person death.

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